Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I'm not into cross dressing exhibitionists

Last week I met a very cute male submissive in his late 20's on CollarMe.com who seemed earnest in his desires for submission so after a few messages, we moved our discussion to IM. We hadn't exchanged two lines of chatting before he sent me an invitation for photo sharing.

I immediately asked if he planned to share naked pictures of himself. Some male subs apparently think the way to endear themselves to a Domme is to show what they've got (or what they've barely got, as is often the case). Although this can sometimes be amusing for me, when I first begin talking to a prospective sub, I'm more interested in getting to know them, not seeing their goods.

This boy indicated that he planned to share lingerie pictures. We hadn't been talking for even 60 seconds and he was ready to show me pictures of himself in girly lingerie.

I'm not sure how other Dommes would handle this situation, but my immediate thought was "Ew."

I have two problems with this and neither have to do with the fact that he wears lingerie.

The first problem is that he was so clearly so eager to show these pics to me. He couldn't start photo share quick enough. And when I said I didn't want to see them, he closed photo share without sharing vanilla pictures of himself.

This says to me he's an exhibitionist. Sure, exhibitionism is a kink all its own and I am definitely pro-kink, but my problem is that if he actually ENJOYS being put on public display, it's one less thing I can use for erotic humiliation.

The second problem is that he enjoys cross dressing. Again, it's another kink, I know, but if he enjoys dressing like a girl, I can't humiliate him with this kind of humiliation.

And I really enjoy erotic humiliation.

This poor guy was stunned when I politely ended our very brief conversation by telling him I was not interested and wishing him luck in finding someone. He just couldn't understand it.

I kindly explained to him how his kinks were perfectly acceptable, they just weren't something I was interested in because it reduces the opportunity I have to use feminization and erotic humiliation with him. It's like taking away two of my favorite toys before we even get to play with them.

And Mistress doesn't like having her toys taken away. ;)

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