Saturday, August 8, 2009

My boy, chewtoy

D/s relationship status: bottom

Relationship status: formerly dated, currently friends

I hadn't taking the initiative to message anyone through in at least 6 months when I ran across chewtoy's profile in late July 2009. He had pictures posted of himself with his friend and former D/s playmate. In those pics he looked so happy, I felt compelled to message him.

chewtoy is in his late 20's and lives here in Las Vegas where he is somewhat of an artist when he isn't working an extremely technical and analytical job. He's new to the scene and had yet to experience anything more than role play before he met me. He was christened 'chewtoy' by my kinky girlfriend when she discovered that, among other things, he enjoys being bitten.

After our first play session, chewtoy was a bit overwhelmed. Acting as somewhat of a mentor, I helped his ascertain that he is a fetishist and a bottom, not submissive. Since then chewtoy and I occasionally play casually and remain friends.

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