Monday, August 31, 2009

My brit's mantra

A few of weeks ago I began chatting with a boy from England. He is charming and flattering in a very sincere and endearing way and I've grown quite fond of my brit over time.

Recently I've begun "thinning the herd" as I call it. I've cut a few boys from my "stable" (I hate that term) and have let a few others wander away. I hesitate to take on any new ones, even charming ones with British accents. However, my brit won me over when he wrote what he dubbed a mantra for me.

Every night before he goes to bed and every morning before he starts his day, my brit kneels at the foot of his bed with his head bowed and says the following:
I am Mistress Lilyana's boy.
All that I do is with her in mind.
She is a Goddess,
She is THE Goddess,
And my life is lived to please her.
Just reading that again gets me wet wet wet. *sigh*

Within a few days of beginning the ritual of saying the mantra twice daily, my brit reported that it was becoming an automatic thing for him. Automatic, but still erotic for him. "It gets me hard every time, but I don't even realize it until I finish. Kind of like a trance. It's tough to explain."

He reports that his libido has soared. "Seriously ... I've not been this horny since I was 14!"

As for me, well, I've got a thing for accents. So when my brit volunteered to send me an audio clip of him talking to me, I immediately knew that I wanted to hear the mantra spoken in his voice with his beautiful British accent.

And lemme tell you. It's better than porn for me! I've listened to it countless times, over and over again.

What makes my brit's mantra even hotter is that he devised this without any prompting from me.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's hot as hell and I love it. I just can't take credit for thinking of it. And I'm unimaginably flattered that he chooses to honor me in this way.


  1. Lucky Gurl! I'm a bit of an Anglophile, myself. Also the thing for the accent. Ask him if he's got a lass to send my way. ;)

  2. I'll request one hot ass lass with big breasts. I know how you like the boobage, Stryfe!

  3. ritual is helpful in developing my submission too. It can take many forms. I like yours and your sub is lucky to have your control over him. He obviously enjoys it and he should reward you for the privilege of service, IMHO.