Friday, March 5, 2010


After a couple of hours enjoying cocktails and Fremont Street, the girl and I headed back to her cozy little hotel room to play. She'd been quite the trooper, wearing the bejeweled butt plug without complaint the entire time. I removed it slowly, enjoying the weight and sparkliness for a moment before returning my attention to her.

I tied her wrists as she watched, amazed as always at my rigging skills even though they are basic ties. Still, she's entranced by my rope and enjoys being in it and that's just so fucking hot.

I then introduced her to my new Hitachi Magic Wand. As an avid fan of, she knew what it was but had never experienced the power. In less than 1 minute she was about to cum, forgetting to ask nicely for me to stop and forgetting to call me Mistress.

She didn't forget the second time I edged her. Or the third. Or the fourth. Or the tenth.

Yes I edged her 10 times with the Hitachi. And in between I was teasing her with less mechanical methods. She lay with her wrists bound above her head, long blond hair in her face and I was entranced with how beautiful she looked, mouth open slightly, sighing, eyes fluttering as she approached an orgasm she wouldn't obtain, again and again.

There was certainly that familiar rush of power I feel from being in control. But unlike with boys, I found myself enjoying the beauty of both her denial and her pleasure.

"You think that was about 10?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I bet you'd really like to cum, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Tell you what. If you can make me cum 10 times, I'll let you cum."

"Can I use the Hitachi?"

I laughed. "No of course not!"

The girl tried to negotiate but I stood firm. She'd give me 10 orgasms without the use of any other objects.

10 orgasms isn't difficult for me with someone who knows what they're doing, particularly if they know me well. I'm very lucky to be so orgasmic. I haven't always been so I really appreciate it but that's probably another blog entirely.

She didn't rush through the challenge. She could have very easily stuck with what she already knew worked for me and gotten to 10 fairly quickly, but she didn't. The girl took her time and surprised herself at least once by finding interesting ways to trigger my orgasm.

It was so much fun to watch her work so diligently towards the goal I'd set for her. To hear her laugh each time I tallied another orgasm. To see the delight in her face as she discovered new ways to make me cum.

In the end, I did let her try out the Hitachi on me. It was only fair. The girl made me orgasm 13 times even before I let her get her hands on the powerful vibe.

And yes, I did let her cum.

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