Friday, October 8, 2010

My boy, nodder

D/s relationship status: submissive

Relationship status: dating

It took him six months to earn the nickname 'nodder.' Prior to making me cum with a nod and earning that nickname, I'd simply referred to him as 'my sub' or 'my (fomer) sub.' He's originally from the northeast and is in his late thirties. He's an experienced submissive who enjoyed just about any kind of humiliation I can throw at him. He contacted me in August of 2010 at a time when I'd pretty much given up on finding a good sub. He charmed me with his incredible wit as well as his sincerity and I have enjoyed the four years we we've together (off and on) whether he was on his knees before me or not.

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  1. i am sorry for the breakup, but i hope it was for the best for you.