Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Anniversary trip of 129 orgasms

It had been a year since Hando's nearly vanilla self stumbled into my life and as I looked at him pressed against the wall, my rope secured around his wrists, wearing my collar and lacy crotchless panties, I marveled at how rapidly we'd progressed in a year.

After some debate about how we'd celebrate our anniversary, we'd gotten a little casita near a gorgeous national park off AirBnB for the occasion. We wanted to get away but we didn't want to go somewhere too touristy knowing that we really just wanted to hole up and fuck and play the whole weekend. And we wanted to choose something nearby because we knew better than to plan for extended periods of time where fucking is not an options. Long car trips were out. The casita was only a couple of hours away. Perfect.

We'd chosen this "casita" thinking it was detached from the home and feeling like privacy was important. I didn't want some innocent family to hear his screams and moans as I thrust my cock into him. So when we arrived, we were surprised to find it attached to the family home. And to find a framed picture of Jesus by the bed.

I'd brought my giant toy bag, of course, and I was ready to try new things.

So ready. I'd held back for a year with him and I needed to let loose. I needed to push him a bit.

"I'm not holding back anymore," I told him after I gifted him with his very own play collar. "This means you're ready."

There were many firsts that weekend - panties, rope around the neck, smothering, using my cock and ball leash and impact play. And some of my favorites with him occurred again, like him sleeping in my rope.

I'd brought the counter and we used it for every orgasm he gave me those two days in the casita. 129. Seriously. Yes, I'm that orgasmic and he's that good.

And I didn't count the orgasms he gave me in Vegas before we left or after we came back.

Believe it or not, we actually did leave the casita.

"You know I'm going to make you hike, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Hando, not exactly an outdoorsy kind of guy but always my good boy and willing to do something that will put a smile on my face or an orgasm on my counter.

We also ventured out for food and fell a little bit in love with a little diner with handmade signs and gigantic muffins. I ordered for him for the first time as he sat next to me, the cock and ball leash peeking out of his waistband. I'd tug it periodically just to watch the expression on his face.

As it turns out, Jesus is a bit of a voyeur. We didn't put the framed picture of Jesus away but we did "decorate" the bedside table where he sat and watched.

"This place will not see this much sex for the next year," Hando commented as we packed. "Maybe 6 years," he added with a laugh.

And as I packed away the counter with 129 displayed in the window, I had to agree.

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