Tuesday, March 22, 2011

With a nod

Over the past four years I've become increasingly orgasmic. I cannot express how grateful I am for this fact. It wasn't so long ago that I could only cum when I was on top of a man.

Yeah that should have been the first clue I was dominant.

Now I can cum from having my nipples sucked just the right way, from having my toes sucked and from being bitten on the back of the neck, inner thigh or on the area where my ass and my thigh meet. Once, when I was particularly turned on, I even came from a boy blowing on my pussy.

Yes, blowing air.

But a week ago, I came with a nod.

Seriously. He nodded, I came.

My former sub and I hadn't played in six very long weeks and we were both chomping at the bit to do so last Monday. We'd had a very hot scene that started with a massage for me and ended with bondage and water sports, had taken a dinner break, and were back at it again.

All of my play sessions with him include some kind of humiliation. He's a whore for humiliation and I can literally put him in subspace with a few well put together words.

Erotic humiliation is my forte. It's something I've become quite good at and I'm proud of the skills I developed in this area. The fact that I can make a boy blush, whimper or moan, even make his cock drip, with just a handful of softly spoken words, makes me hotter than just about anything. If I never picked up another cane or riding crop, I'd still have a fulfilling BDSM life as long as I could laugh at a boy's expense and watch their cock thicken in response.

Of everyone I've ever played with, I must admit it's my (former) sub's reactions to humiliation I've enjoyed most.

One of his biggest triggers is talk of forced bi, something that is still on his list of hard limits, something that he KNOWS is a huge turn on to me. Perhaps this is why strap-on play is so hot for us.

So last week we did some strap-on play. I used the suction cup on the dildo to stick it to the mirror and then watched him watch himself as he sucked cock.

I do so enjoy watching that boy suck my cock. Even when it's not between my legs.

Then I donned my strap-on harness and he lovingly sucked my cock from his knees, looking up at me from time to time in a way that makes me melt every time. After I fucked his face thoroughly, making him gag on my cock, I layed back on the bed to watch between me legs some more. He lavished attention on my cock, to be sure, but he didn't forget the feminine parts beneath the harness. His skillful tongue and fingers dug under the harness to the wetness beneath and found ways to excite me further.

I pulled him up over me so that I could enjoy his mouth on mine and while deep into our kiss, I felt a nudging in my groin. I broke away from our kiss and looked down.

"What are you doing?" I asked. He whimpered softly in response and looked down to where our bodies met, his cock rubbing against mine. "Are you grinding against my cock??"

He looked up and me, still grinding against my cock, his big brown eyes met mine ... and he nodded.

I came almost instantaneously. Just like that.

The excitement of the taboo nature of our play, the anticipation built up after six long weeks of play, his cock grinding against me so deliciously - it all certainly played a part in pushing me near the brink of orgasm.

But it was his nod that made me cum. It was his acknowledgement of the humiliating act in which he was engaged and our amazing connection that pushed me over the edge.

And with a nod, I came.

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