Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peeing on nodder

I don't often use the term 'golden shower.' I rarely even call it 'water sports.' I sure as hell don't use flowery verbiage like 'drenching you in my sweet nectar.'

What the fuck ever. It's peeing on you. And I want you to know it.

Last month I played with nodder for the first time in quite some time. I had six weeks of pent up desire to make him growl and whimper and react in all of the ways that make me so hot for his submission.

I also had a mission. I wanted to pee on him.

It was something we hadn't done, something I'd threatened him with in those moments we'd discussed the things I still wanted to do to him, things I wanted to do with him.

As soon as we agreed to play again, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to pee on him.

I started drinking extra water an hour before I knew we were going to play in preparation and had a large glass by the bed when we began to play.

I'd missed his mouth on mine and we made out like teenagers for a bit before I went into Domme-mode, ready for serious play.

I tied a pink ribbon with hearts on it around his erect cock, laughed how silly his cock looked, and told him if he let the ribbon slip off while he massaged me, I'd punish him. Every few minutes during the time I enjoyed his hands rubbing my body, I'd check to ensure the ribbon was still in place. It was. And I smiled each time.

As he massaged me, I'd stop occasionally to gulp more water. I was surprised he didn't notice and comment.

When my bladder couldn't take anymore, when my anticipation was also peaking, I pushed him back on the bed and tied his wrists in front of him.

Rope makes a regular appearance in most of my sessions. It's no secret that I love rope. So I'm sure nodder wasn't surprised to see me pull out a long red length.

He was surprised, however, when I pulled him from the bedroom into the bathroom while his wrists were bound.

"Lay down in the tub. I'm going to pee on you."

I pulled his bound wrists over his head and put one foot on one side of his body, the other on a ledge in the tub. He looked up at me, his big brown eyes glazed over in a way that told me he was in that delicious place in his head, his sub space.

I talked to him about what I was about to do and watched him sink deeper into sub space. I can't recall exactly what I said, only the look in his eyes and his whimper/growl in response.

I enjoy making a boy beg for me to do terrible things to him. It's my thing. It makes me inexplicably happy.

I made him ask for it. I made him beg for me to pee on him. Made him articulate why he wanted it.

And then I did it. I peed on him. He groaned as it splashed all over him and I laughed. I laughed and laughed.

Laying there drenched in my pee, his cock was rigid.

"Aww you're SO hard. I think you LIKE me peeing on you, don't you?"

He groaned and gasped, "Yes."

I put my foot on his cock as he laid there in the bottom of my tub, surprised to discover that urine makes decent lube.

Nodder has a developed somewhat of a relationship with my feet. I like teasing him about how he enjoys my feet too much. And I did so then, rubbing the sole of my foot across the length of his hard cock and laughing. He growled in response, his eyes rolling back up in his head from the sensation and the humiliation.

"Can I cum?" he was gasping within seconds.

"No," I laughed and pushed the head of his cock between my toes a few times before stopping. I knew he was right at the edge.

I let him breathe a few moments before starting again. Within seconds he was begging to cum again.

I can't remember how many times I edged him. He couldn't take much. And then I let him spurt his cum all over his belly and chest while I laughed, the stickiness mixing with the urine.


  1. Jesus that was hot. Honestly yours is turning into my favorite blog. I always catch it on my google reader while I'm @ work and I should know better by now but I always get sucked in... now I'm stuck @ my desk for awhile... ;P

    Also "'drenching you in my sweet nectar." made me literally lol and then I had to come up with some bull about why I was laughing.

  2. The only down side to the pee fantasy is the laying in a tub, on some sort of tarp or the multitude of “easy cleanup” ways Dommes usually play this fantasy out. In my mind, for this fantasy to have the full effect, it should come as a surprise. An example, he is beneath her thinking he will service her needs orally when all of a sudden, he is being hosed down with pee and has no escape from it. Meanwhile she talks dirty to him letting him know he is her dirty whore and he deserves to be the target of her pee.

    Obviously, the mess must be contained to an area where it can be easily cleaned. Hard floor etc. I think it is possible to have such a location without ruining the element of surprise. A good old fashioned linoleum or tile floor would be fine. As long as he can clean it up later with a mop and some bleach solution.

    As for the fantasy itself, what an ultimate act of submission it is for him to be peed on. In dog packs, it is the most powerful act of dominance there is when one dog pees on another. Being peed on and then having to lay there feeling and smelling the pee on your body as she reminds you of your place in the relationship would be a very powerfully dominant act.

    Personally, if I were dominant, I would save the pee act for times when I wanted to make my most powerful statement as to who is boss in the relationship and where the subs place is. I think as he or she is laying there covered in urine taking a good whipping, it would be hard to argue that their status is anything more than submissive whore. As erotic as it is, it would not be a “play” gesture for me. It would be something they could later be quickly reminded of anytime they seem to think their status is higher than it is.

  3. @Lucky Sox - Glad you enjoyed it. I'm pleased I can distract you AND make you laugh.

    @Married Sub - Part of what I enjoyed about doing it this way was the anticipation AND making him beg for it. Doing it the way you describe it would be hot but totally different, I'd think, as I wouldn't be able to look into his eyes knowing he knows what's about to happen while he's asking for it. But perhaps I'll try it and write about the differences.

  4. Very very hot, wonderful blog, Ma'am.

    Did you leave him in the bathtub for a while to "stew" in your pee? That would have been very intense, at least for me. Just left there as if he is your toilet. I don't like that word, and I personally am not into "toilet play", but this was very good, and leaving him there for a while would have cemented his status.

    Another thought: After you come back, ask him how he is doing, and what does he feel. If he was anything like me he would have said that he is your property and feels honored to have received material that came from your body. And then, another hot thought: You could say "I'm glad you feel like that, because I have some more gifts for you. Open wide" and then lean over and slowly let some saliva drip into his mouth. After all, you share it when you kiss, so this is very similar.

    OK enough of this (<---) haughty sub trying to top you from the bottom.

    Have fun, you certiainly seem like it.

    - Playerazzi

  5. @Playerazzi - I didn't leave nodder to lay in my pee but with another sub in a bathroom with a seperate shower, I did just that. I left him laying in my pee, getting cold, wrists tied, while I watched him from an adjoining shower as I took my time getting cleaned up. I remember laughing as I showered. The look on his face was priceless.

  6. The laughing sounds very intense, Ma'am. For me, it would have made the whole scene much more intense and enjoyable to know that M'Lady was enjoying herself - laughing - thanks to me.


  7. Omg.. thank you for linking here. One of my fantasies! Mmmm...
    LOVE how you just like saying "peeing on him" vice the nice terms..very good... MMM!