Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adventures in butt plug acquisition - Part 3 - by sindi

The following blog was written by my femsub, sindi, who I often refer to as "the girl." My simple assignment, to buy a butt plug, turned into a hilarious adventure that I felt could be chronicled best by sindi herself. This is part 3 of 3. Be sure to read part 1 and part 2 if you haven't already.

Down to the last few days before my trip to Vegas, I was now desperate to complete my assignment. I was determined not to be a cumboy.

The next day I got an early start on my work day so that I could spend the last part of the day continuing the search. By now, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of settling. If I was going to spend this much time looking for ass adornment for my Mistress, I might as well get the one we both wanted.

I Googled “adult sex toys” along with the name of the Phoenix area I planned to be in, finding a list of three stores highlighted at the top of the list. One was another location of the chain store I had visited the previous day, another was listed as a “Superstore,” and the other was a business with a goofy name like “Sensual Pleasures.”

I plugged all three addresses into my GPS and got rolling. I hit the chain store first. Again, as I walking through the door, a male clerk greeted me with a loud “Hi Honey.”

Wow. What a way to make all your female customers feel like hookers, I thought. The people making up that policy must be the same men who are stocking these stores with small and extra small lingerie.

I walked straight to the butt plug section and perused the selection among a group of men who probably got no greeting at the door at all. Again, there was the same selection of huge plugs in every color imaginable, but no metal plugs, much less jeweled metal ones.

With no time to lose I headed out to the “Superstore” optimistic that I would at least have more of a selection to see there. Thirty minutes later I found myself in a business park, the promising Superstore nowhere to be found, among people who probably wouldn’t know a butt plug if they tripped on one. I called the number and listened to a recording of a man directing customers to the businesses website before hanging up the call. Ugh!

I left and headed to the third address. It was a home in a residential neighborhood. I called the number and got a person’s voicemail on which the speaker mentioned nothing about sex toys. Unbelievable.

For a second I actually contemplated walking up to the door and asking whoever answered if they had any jeweled metal butt plugs for sale. Nah.

Frustrated, I Googled stores in the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. My search turned up a store near the ritzy Scottsdale area that I had not seen before. Of course! If any store was going to sell booty bling, it would be for all those rich assholes in Scottsdale, Arizona, literally speaking of course.

I called the number. When the girl answered I blurted out, “Do you have the jeweled metal butt plug?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Yes I do. I have two left.”

“I’m on my way,” I told her, a tear of joy actually welling in my eye.

I called my Mistress and relayed my story of frustration and happiness. I suggested that if she chose to blog about this assignment, she should include a Google map of all the places I went in search of the elusive bejeweled butt plug. She laughed and then immediately saddled me with this blog assignment. I told her I was headed to the store and she instructed me take a picture of the plug and send it to her once I got there.

As I entered the store a beautiful young Hispanic woman approached me and before she could ask me if I needed help I asked, “Where’re the jeweled metal butt plugs?”

She smiled, as did her male partner behind the counter, and few customers walking around the store. “Those things are soooo popular,” she said, still smiling at me. She led me to the center of the store where a glass case displayed the two remaining plugs, glittering under the display light.

Opening the case for me, she informed me that the owner had purchased 10 of the plugs just before Valentines Day, and they had sold eight within a matter of days. I told her I believed her, and relayed a little of my efforts to find one.

The two plugs that were left had a ruby and aurora borealis stones. She picked up the plugs and put them in my eager hands. I marveled at the stones a bit before asking her to display them on the counter for me so that I could take a picture. “It’s for my Mistress, “I informed her. “She instructed me to buy one of these so that she could use it on me.”

“Oh you naughty girl,” my beautiful salesgirl exclaimed with a full smile.

I snapped a few pictures, with the help of my salesgirl, and then sent them to my Mistress who called me seconds later exclaiming, “It’s gorgeous!” A few minutes later we decided on the aurora borealis stone, and my salesgirl was ringing me up.

Beautiful salesgirl used the opportunity to quiz me about the BDSM scene, and we chatted a bit about the difference between the pros and the lifestylers, and the popularity of it all.

“Yeah,” she said, “Sometimes I ask my boyfriend to pull my hair when we are having sex. He just says ‘No, I don’t want to hurt you.’”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I replied honestly, wishing I could give her a sympathy tug on her long brunette locks. I made sure to turn her on to a few BDSM social networking sites before leaving the store with my glittering new butt plug.

Excited still, I stepped into my car, thoroughly satisfied with the joy I knew my Mistress had experienced from my diligent efforts that had just led to the spectacular completion of my assignment. I smiled as I started my car, thinking of her voice, praising me on the phone minutes before.

Still, I knew I wasn't finished. There was something else I really needed to do. Just for me.

Unable to restrain myself, I broke my safe driving rule and began texting my Mistress while driving 65 mph on the congested I-10 freeway.

"Mistress," I text.

"Yes?" she replied.

"You tell that cumboy," I continued, hardly able to text and drive as I was also in a fit of genuine, gleeful laughter.

"Yes?" she replied, probably laughing as well.

"Tell him," I continued.

"This, is how it's done."

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adventures in butt plug acquisition - Part 2 - by sindi

The following blog was written by my femsub, sindi, who I often refer to as "the girl." My simple assignment, to buy a butt plug, turned into a hilarious adventure that I felt could be chronicled best by sindi herself. This is part 2 of 3. Be sure to read part 1 if you haven't already.

My initial attempt at finding comfortable anal wear, proved to me how much credit I had unduly given myself in this challenge. First of all, I realized, just the word “butt plug,” made me blush when I heard it coming out of my own mouth.

And, it’s not like I have a gaggle of girlfriends with whom I am sharing my BDSM life with, that I can take with me to the porn store for some silly butt plug shopping.

It takes quite a bit of nerve as a woman, of any age, to walk into a sex shop alone and slam a butt plug down on the counter. Further, I had a specific butt plug to find, so I was probably going to have to ask somebody for it.

I walked into the first shop, a large mega adult novelty store near my home, on a Sunday. The place was pretty busy with several couples looking at lube and lingerie, while five or six single men perused X-rated titles in the DVD section.

The section labeled “ANAL” was empty and all mine, if I could just walk over to it. I made a bee-line for the lingerie and began flipping through a rack of corsets. Minutes later I left in a cold sweat, never having made it near the sex toys, much less the butt plug section.

A few days later my Mistress informed me that her Domme friend Apryl would be visiting my area soon, and would be taking me butt plug shopping, as I seemed to be having trouble getting the job done. I was instructed to contact Apryl via text, and to obey her as I would my own Mistress.

I contacted Apryl and we quickly laid out tentative plans to meet the following Wednesday at which time she would help me buy a butt plug. Then, we would both travel back to Vegas together in our cars as I already had plans to travel there for work.

Apryl casually mentioned that I would be wearing the butt plug throughout that six hour drive. “SHE told you to say that!” I texted Apryl, assuming that my Mistress was enjoying organizing our encounter from behind the scene. “I know her,” I text.

“No, she didn’t,” Apryl replied. “I’m sadistic.”

I’ll be honest. The idea of a sadistic Domme, who I don’t really know, having control of my asshole for a day scared the piss out of me. Luckily, that never happened.

My Mistresses family time arrangements forced me to change my travel plans to Tuesday, and the way my schedule was looking at that time, I wasn’t able to meet with Apryl, so I was back to doing my own butt plug shopping. Bullet dodged.

That Friday, with only three days to go before I had to leave for Vegas, I made another attempt at finding my plug. This time I hit a popular chain store that often advertised their “naughty” toys on the local rock radio station.

I tried to walk in unnoticed, but when the young man at the counter yelled “Hi honey,” as I walked in the door, every guy in the building—and of course there were only guys—turned to look at me. I gave the clerk a look that clearly said, “Thanks. Asshole.”

Again, I made a bee-line for the lingerie, and began flipping through a rack of garters. Peeking over the clothes rack, I scoped out the toy section, then casually made my way over. I hung around the whips and nipple clamps a while, finding a strange sense of comfort in the section, while slowly working my way past a variety of dildos. Finally, I found myself standing in front of a row of butt plugs.

I ignored the older man on the other side of the rack, and focused on my mission, scanning the rack for a jeweled, metal butt plug, and finding nothing even remotely like it. All of the plugs were made of plastic-like materials, and they were friggin HUGE.

As directed, I text my Mistress, informing her that I was at the shop and it did not look promising for the bejeweled butt plug. I took a picture of a Hello Kitty vibrator and advised her I was moving on to another shop. She was so wrapped up in her new vanilla guy she barely acknowledged me.

An hour later I entered my third sex shop, and again, hung out in the lingerie section while I scoped out the place. This time my Mistress texted me, asking me how it was going. I quickly scooted over to the butt plug section so I could give her a full report.

I scanned the rack for a metal butt plug, finding none. At that moment the tall male clerk walked up and asked me if I needed help. “Do you have any metal…ones?” I asked, pointing to the rack.

“No. These are all the butt plugs we have,” he replied, rather loudly, prompting fits of giggles from the couple a few aisles over.

“Ok. Thanks,” I replied, eagerly wanting to end the conversation so he wouldn’t say “butt plug” again.

I continued to peruse the rack of plugs, oddly feeling a sense of empowerment with each of the couple’s giggles. Again, the selection of butt plugs were plastic, and again they were very big, except for a few “beginner” butt plugs. WTF, I thought. Do all the women in Phoenix have giant assholes?

I text Mistress my dilemma. “They are all really big,” I wrote. “I’m just going to buy a small one and go.”

“Oh no you are not!” she quickly replied and instructed me to call her. I called and explained to her that all of the butt plugs, including the smaller ones, were 4” long or more. “I don’t think I can handle that,” I explained. “I’ve had anal sex, but I’ve never sat on a dick for a long time, and these things are huge.” I informed her of a few of my concerns, such as getting through this without a bruised spleen.

“Well you seem to be having a very hard time doing this for me,” my Mistress replied. “I don’t know how much more I can help you. First you said you didn’t know what to buy, so I was going to have Apryl help you. And now you are there in the store and you can’t seem to do what I asked you to. At one point I was going to have cumboy buy one for you …”

*Insert sound of screeching tires here.*

“What?” I butted in.

“Cumboy was going to buy one for you,” she repeated.

I let her words sink in a moment.

“Oh, fuck that!” I replied, immediately prompting her laughter.

“No. No. No, he’s not,” I continued. “Fuck that. This thing ends tonight,” I said, and hung up as she laughed.

I searched the rack, over and over, oblivious to the giggling couple now. Finally, I grabbed a 4”, skinny pink butt plug which I briskly walked to the counter with. Setting the plug down on the counter I asked the clerk to wait while I called my Mistress again, as instructed.

After informing her I was about to purchase a butt plug she directed me to send her a picture of the plug for her approval which I did. “No,” was her simple reply. I thanked the clerk and left the store plugless.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventures in butt plug acquisition - Part 1 - by sindi

The following blog was written by my femsub, sindi, who I often refer to as "the girl." My simple assignment, to buy a butt plug, turned into a hilarious adventure that I felt could be chronicled best by sindi herself. This is part 1 of 3.

Hanging over the back of the white vinyl lounge chair in my Las Vegas hotel room, I watched my hair dangle around my face as I waited for my Mistress’ touch.

I had only arrived from Arizona an hour before, and here I was, five minutes into my visit with her, bare ass up in the air, doing her bidding.

Suddenly I felt her probing finger, cold with lube, opening me up for the cold stainless steel that was to follow.

“How does that feel?” she asked as she wedged the ornate, heavy metal butt plug slowly but firmly into my asshole.

“It feels good Mistress,” I replied. I remained in position as my Mistress admired her work, taking a few pictures that she would later share with her other Domme and switch girlfriends.

“Oh that is so pretty,” she exclaimed, bringing a smile and a blush to my face that was still veiled by my hair as I hung upside down over the back of the chair.

Her hands on my ass again, I could feel the moistness running down the inside of my thigh as she trailed her fingers from the butt plug down along the opening of my throbbing pussy. Unable to restrain myself, I let out a soft, “Oh,” as she gently pushed on the center of my new jewelry.

“What’s this?” she asked as her fingers slipped through my labia. “Why are you so wet?”

The answer was easy. “You walked into the room,” I replied, garnering a satisfied chuckle from her as she pumped my pussy a few times with her skilled fingers.

Then, “Whap!” I returned back to earth from glorious sub-space as she slapped my ass and ordered me to get dressed, butt plug in place, for our evening out together.

It was a crowning mome…, or, well, bottoming moment, really, in what had turned into quite the endeavor to complete my Mistresses latest assignment: Go buy a butt plug.

Easy enough, I initially thought. Besides, I LOVE to please my Mistress. I know how lucky I am to have found such a sweet but wicked Domme. The fact is, we have so much fun together. Should be no surprise to her devoted blog audience when I say she has great sense of humor. Already, in my short time under her tutelage, I feel like I have laughed more than I did all last year.

Which is something that is very important to us both, as we see how it is sometimes missing in BDSM relationships. We had this discussion early on, and for us, if it isn’t fun, then why do it?

“The beauty of BDSM is that you can make it whatever you want it to be,” she told me recently. I agree. Of course I agree. She’s my Mistress.

Beyond our silly moments, though, she is always in control, and her skill and passion for exacting various means of torture to a willing sub is nothing to scoff at.

There has been at least one occasion when I have left her to return home to Arizona with bruised ass and thighs, a sore throat, braised nipples, and a pussy that was absolutely on fire. *Sigh. Memories.

So, therefore, when my Mistress tells me to do something, I fucking do it.

Which gets us back to my butt plug assignment. Now, I was already aware that my predecessor, AKA cumboy, had choked on this same assignment. I won’t lie. There is a bit of a competitive streak that arises in me whenever I hear my Mistress speaking of her other cock subs or bottoms. Just is. So, with the knowledge of cumboy’s failure, I was quick to want to nail this one.

Never having bought or used a butt plug before, I asked for my Mistress’ specific instructions on what to buy. The plug had to have a very narrow neck she instructed me, and should be comfortable enough for me to sit on. Sit? “Oh man. What am I in for here?” I thought.

I immediately tried her patience with questions about what I would be doing with the plug once I purchased it. She wasn’t very happy about that and let me know. My mouthy moments tend to get me in trouble as a new sub, I admit. But realizing I was still confused about what to purchase, she was gracious with me and sent me pictures of a various plugs before finally sending me a picture of what would soon prove to be elusive anal treasure.

It was love at first sight. “Oh, I want that,” I told her, as I marveled at the pictures of metal jeweled plugs, or anal jewelry. The ad showed that the stainless steel plugs came in two sizes, large and extra large, and there were seven jewels to choose from including jet black, ruby red, and even aurora borealis.

“I hear these are really comfortable,” she said, adding that her friend Anna who works in a fetish shop had told her that customers gave it rave reviews regarding comfort.

“I’m going to find the most comfortable butt plug they make,” I informed her, an honest comment that she found absolutely hilarious.

Please read part 2 for sindi's hilarious experiences shopping for the elusive bejeweled butt plug. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback for sindi below. I'll make sure she gets them! - Mistress Lilyana

Friday, March 5, 2010


After a couple of hours enjoying cocktails and Fremont Street, the girl and I headed back to her cozy little hotel room to play. She'd been quite the trooper, wearing the bejeweled butt plug without complaint the entire time. I removed it slowly, enjoying the weight and sparkliness for a moment before returning my attention to her.

I tied her wrists as she watched, amazed as always at my rigging skills even though they are basic ties. Still, she's entranced by my rope and enjoys being in it and that's just so fucking hot.

I then introduced her to my new Hitachi Magic Wand. As an avid fan of WhippedAss.com, she knew what it was but had never experienced the power. In less than 1 minute she was about to cum, forgetting to ask nicely for me to stop and forgetting to call me Mistress.

She didn't forget the second time I edged her. Or the third. Or the fourth. Or the tenth.

Yes I edged her 10 times with the Hitachi. And in between I was teasing her with less mechanical methods. She lay with her wrists bound above her head, long blond hair in her face and I was entranced with how beautiful she looked, mouth open slightly, sighing, eyes fluttering as she approached an orgasm she wouldn't obtain, again and again.

There was certainly that familiar rush of power I feel from being in control. But unlike with boys, I found myself enjoying the beauty of both her denial and her pleasure.

"You think that was about 10?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I bet you'd really like to cum, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Tell you what. If you can make me cum 10 times, I'll let you cum."

"Can I use the Hitachi?"

I laughed. "No of course not!"

The girl tried to negotiate but I stood firm. She'd give me 10 orgasms without the use of any other objects.

10 orgasms isn't difficult for me with someone who knows what they're doing, particularly if they know me well. I'm very lucky to be so orgasmic. I haven't always been so I really appreciate it but that's probably another blog entirely.

She didn't rush through the challenge. She could have very easily stuck with what she already knew worked for me and gotten to 10 fairly quickly, but she didn't. The girl took her time and surprised herself at least once by finding interesting ways to trigger my orgasm.

It was so much fun to watch her work so diligently towards the goal I'd set for her. To hear her laugh each time I tallied another orgasm. To see the delight in her face as she discovered new ways to make me cum.

In the end, I did let her try out the Hitachi on me. It was only fair. The girl made me orgasm 13 times even before I let her get her hands on the powerful vibe.

And yes, I did let her cum.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My boy, my consort

D/s relationship status: none

Relationship status: formerly dated

My Domme BFF and I came up with the term consort to denote the vanilla men we choose to have sex with. I originally ran across it used in some teen vampire books where it was used to refer to the human male a vampire high priestess feeds upon, and with whom she has really amazing sex and shares a psychic connection.

Then when I began dating my consort, I decided to look up the definition of the term. I found that it means "A companion or partner." This is completely accurate when it comes to describing my consort.

He's a Las Vegas local in his early 40's who's very open minded but not into the lifestyle. I enjoyed teaching him about the lifestyle but didn't particupate in any BDSM activities with him. He understood this is part of who I am and was supportive of me pursuing my kinky endeavors while we were together.