Sunday, January 27, 2013

My boy, Dr. Dom / Mr. Subby

Two and a half years ago, he found my blog. Shortly thereafter, he found me on twitter. Since then, we've slowly become closer through social media and over the phone, until one night, a month ago, I found myself sitting across from him and his beautiful wife at a LA restaurant.

Yes, his WIFE. As in married. Poly and married.

And beautiful. As in I just might have a mad crush on her.

He's a switch who started his journey into the lifestyle as a sub. He "turned Dom" five years ago and has enjoyed getting his kink on as a Top ever since. And now he's chosen to return to his roots a bit.

I couldn't be more flattered that he's chosen me. To have read every kinky word I've ever written, to have followed my tweets and mundane vanilla Facebook posts ... To be an experienced player with a great understanding of the lifestyle ...

And to say I find him intriguing is an understatement. His subby style, his switchiness, even the vanilla him, everything intrigues me.

He's a-freaking-dorable too. Definitely yummy.

He traveled from Southern California to spend the weekend with me in early January. We agreed before the trip we'd approach it with no expectations but we did, of course. It had been a little while since I'd had someone at my feet and he was more than anxious to be there.

He'd told me he "had a lot of subby to give," and even though we played very little, I can verify that it's true. Even though we had an action-packed, fantastic weekend full of sex and fun, what I enjoyed most, what I remember with a smile where those moments where he had a lot of subby to give and he gave it beautifully.

How he presented me with freshly poured champagne holding the crystal flute in both hands with a little bow and a blush. How he looked up at me, kneeling and all melty as I fastened my play collar around his neck. How he looked and felt wrapped around my legs with his head in my lap as I lounged on the bed.

There is a subby sweetness about him that barely conceals the intensity of the Dom beneath I know he is with others.

And I fucking love it.

I know he wrestles with it - his instinct to dominate. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And I love that he submits, to me. That he overcomes that instinct. That he wants to submit to me even more than he wants to follow his instinct to dominate.

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