Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An "advocate" for male submissives

My FMT and I have been dating off and on since January. It's mostly been on, but we haven't been seeing each other very often. We don't talk every day or anything but we do enjoy each others' company a lot.

BTW, he's the only guy I've dated recently who isn't submissive.

My FMT considers himself kinky, and I suppose by vanilla standards, he really is. He thinks of himself as Dominant and I'd agree he is definitely toppy, though he clearly enjoys a few submissive activities, at least with me.

My FMT's favorite sport is aggravating me. He's very good at it, but it makes me laugh so I let him get away with it. He particularly enjoys imitating what he imagines I'm like when I Dominating a guy. He even does his best Southern accent, which isn't too bad actually.

Last night my FMT found my new riding crop and proceeded to chase me around my room trying to smack my ass with it. I DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT.

"Like it?" my FMT asked after managing a tiny smack on my ass.


"Oh you don't like it, do you? See? That's what it's like when you beat on other guys."

My FMT proceeded to attempt to explain to me, in his funny light hearted way, just how wrong it is for me to do naughty things to boys like hurt them with riding crops. How they cannot possibly enjoy CBT, or as he calls it, "having clothespins on their balls."

"But they LIKE it," I tell my FMT. "They beg me to hurt them."

"You think the LIKE that?"

"I KNOW they like that!!!"

So to male submissives everywhere - you should know you have a new advocate in my FMT. He's trying very hard to ensure you are not "violated" in all of the ways you enjoy.

Actually, I'd say he's trying harder to make me laugh than anything. It works, too. But don't worry. He may make me laugh but no way can he convince me submissive boys don't enjoy me hurting them.

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  1. Mistress, I am a submissive male eager to be possessed and trained by a strong female like yourself.