Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot oil and off the menu spa treatments

pk bought a Birdlock chastity device a few weeks ago and gave me the keys. The fit wasn't great so he can't wear the device. Still, he agreed to remain chaste to me.

A little back story here on pk and me: We met several months ago and dated. Things didn't work out and we've remained very close friends and we play on occasion. We both are free to date other people.

Should have figured that the dating thing and the chastity thing MIGHT eventually become an issue.

Two weeks ago I met a beautiful woman at a beautifully kinky party. We hit it off and I soon realized she might be a great match for pk. So I invited her over to his house the next day to relax around the pool.

She's beautiful, funny and kinky - just the kind of person who fits in well with my group of beautiful, funny, kinky friends. Sure enough, she and pk hit it off and an afternoon at the pool evolved into an evening of kinky fun for her, pk and me. Well, mostly for her and me but pk got to watch. ;)

The following week I knew that she and pk had made contact and were hoping to get together. Saturday morning pk confirmed that they'd spent Friday night together, him utilizing his switchiness on her and letting her experience some BDSM delights. She adores being tied up, among other things.

pk told me they'd had lots of fun but that he'd remained chaste to me. She was still at his house and the fun was to continue.

The following day he admitted he'd "messed up." Too much tequila and kinky fun Saturday night and he'd not only violated his agreement to remain chaste, he'd also cum without permission.

Yes, I know I brought her to him. It wasn't a trick. I really do want him to find the right woman that he can be happy with. Hell, I'm totally willing to help him in that endeavor. However, his commitment to remain chaste was still in effect. I'd have been happy to give him permission if he'd just asked.

He broke his commitment. I had to punish him.

Dominants know you can't punish a submissive by spanking them or humiliating them. These are things submissives usually enjoy. Punishment should be something they don't enjoy. You can't reward bad behavior.

I decided that an effective punishment should be one that I enjoy and that he does not. What could I enjoy more than a nice long, expensive spa treatment on his dime? How about a spa treatment AND having him clean my house while I'm gone!

And what could be better than that? Well it just so happens that my FMT (Favorite Massage Therapist), who I have been dating for nearly 8 months, is a ... well ... massage therapist a resort spa near my home.

So I gave pk very specific instructions to call that particular spa and book a package of treatments which included a scrub, hydrating body wrap, facial and massage. I directed pk to book it with my FMT, who I'm sure I'd mentioned by name before. However
pk failed to make the connection when he booked the appointment which was just fine with me.

pk showed up well before my appointment time today and I got him started cleaning before I left. I had hot pink and blue panties with cherries on them for his uniform. They're two sizes too small and just hilarious on him.

On my way to the spa, I texted pk: "How does it feel to know you're paying another man to put his hands all over me for my pleasure?"

His response: "Great!"

My text: "I wonder if I'll get a rub and tug. Or lick, as the case may be." ('Rub and tug' is what many call a massage with a happy ending.)

His response: "I hope he really does pleasure you and it's a rub and tug!"

Precious, precious boy is my pk!

I'd managed not to tell my FMT about my scheme although I'm terrible at keeping surprises a secret. I'd had pk book the treatment under an assumed name so when he realized I was his 2:00 appointment, he was pleased and surprised.

His first order of business was drilling me for information. If you've read any of my previous blogs about my FMT, you'll remember he's a bit of a handful. Eventually I did reveal that the treatment was a gift from a sub who was being punished and that sub was also cleaning my house at that moment.

He seemed amused and maybe even a bit pleased about his role in things as he started the scrub portion of my treatment. After enjoying his talented hands massaging scented scrub and hot oils into my skin, he rinsed me and took me to his treatment room.

My FMT had me lay face down on his massage table. I was ready to feel his hands on me some more when instead I felt him climb on the table over me and his lips on my back. Somehow he'd slipped out of his clothes while I waited, my sneaky FMT.

No, I'm not going to tell you ALL the details of what happened next. Let's just say the treatments I received thereafter were NOT on the menu and there was hot oil involved.

The oil wasn't the only thing that was hot either.

On my way home, I texted pk and teased him about how well things went at the spa. At first he didn't believe me. And when I arrived at home to my VERY well cleaned house, there was one very curious boy in panties waiting for me to tell him just how it was that I managed to get lucky with a massage therapist. No licensed massage therapist is going to risk their license and their livelihood for a little action on the table, right?

After dodging his questions for a short while, pk eventually figured out the only logical explanation was that I knew the massage therapist personally. And then I reminded him just how personally I actually knew my FMT.

So yes, I feel like quite the Goddess today. I got my sub to not only pay for another man to pleasure me, I also got a clean house out of the deal.

My FMT had fun providing off the menu treatments AND received a nice tip out of the deal. pk is a generous guy after all.

pk ... well ... he got to look cute in panties with cherries on them while he cleaned my house and send me to a spa for the afternoon. And don't forget the delicious woman I gift wrapped and brought to him so that he could violate his chastity agreement.

Seriously though, pk was actually impressed that his $170+ tip got me so much pleasure. Apparently a rub and tug is $100 and doesn't include the kinds of treatments I received.

Or hot oil.

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