Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Maestro and the BBC

It's always a relief to meet someone new that can happily navigate open relationships and who enjoys sex. But rarely do I meet someone more pervy than me.

For my third date with the Maestro, he orchestrated a threesome with another open, bisexual woman that he's seeing. Yes, our THIRD date.

And it was fantastic.

We've also played with another couple. Actually, we were the wife's Valentine's Day gift. And I was her first taste of woman.

But the Maestro enjoys watching, a lot. And while he certainly enjoyed watching me with women, he was interested in watching me with another guy.

"I've never had BBC (big black cock)," I had revealed to him early in our relationship.

"Really? We should make that happen. I'd love to see that."

A few weeks later, we'd set aside an evening to spend time together.

"Want to order in dinner?" The Maestro texted.

"I thought you were getting me a BBC," I joked.

"Oh I can do that."

I thought he might also be joking, but when I arrived at his house, the email responses to his craigslist ad had begun to roll in, his phone dinging every minute or two.

I began to think that maybe I hadn't been joking with him. It seemed like a great idea. I could get BIG cock and the Maestro would get to watch. And once again, I'd get to share a pervy experience with him.

I chose the guy and gave him my limits but I let him coordinate. I let the Maestro orchestrate it.

It went off without a hitch. The guy, later described as "A black god" by the Maestro, was indeed hot as fuck, ripped and had a giant cock. But he was also a great kisser and very gentle.

I had envisioned having BBC while someone watched many times before but it was always with cucking and forced bi as part of the scene. In my head, it was going to be about enjoying BBC without regard to whoever was watching.

This was very different from everything I'd imagined. Yes, it was very much about enjoying BBC but there was no D/s involved at all.

Well, I MIGHT have gotten just a little toppy. I did ask him to stand in a certain spot and slowly remove his clothes. But I didn't dominate him.

Seriously. I didn't.

I had fun playing with him while the Maestro watched. It felt liberating to enjoy a scene I didn't have to coordinate.

There's a certain freedom in enjoying a hedonistic guy like the Maestro and his non D/s perviness. He doesn't give a shit about my Mistressness and I'm able to engage with him (and whoever else we involve in our shenanigans) on a purely sexual level.

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