Friday, April 28, 2017

Girl smorgasbord

Since Elle and I transitioned from lovers to best friends a couple of years ago, I've been looking for a girlfriend. It's something I'll put sincere effort into sporadically, then I'll get frustrated and stop looking.

But I think perhaps I've found the solution to my girl woes.

Date guys who are swingers and let them find women for me.

"There's a girl from my past who may want to play," the new guy texted.

"With us or with you?" I asked.

"Us or just you," he responded and then sent a couple of sexy selfies from her.

She wouldn't be the first girl I've had thanks to the new guy. We recently went to a swingers club where I had an opportunity to play with multiple women.

"Did I play with three or four women tonight?" I asked as he drove me home at 2:30 AM after we shut the place down. The evening was a bit of a haze for me and I could remember three different girls whose pussy's I'd licked and figured there was one more I'd at least groped.

"I think it was four or five."

"Oh geeze, really?" I didn't know whether to feel proud or slutty. "The only guys I fucked were you and Frankie though, right?"


It was a valid question. For whatever reason, I seem to forget about cock when I have pussy in front of me. I'd tried to warn the Maestro about it before our first threesome. He'd even jokingly called himself "the sideshow."

And he really was. I was so focused on her that when he later recounted how he'd fucked me while I was going down on her, I honestly couldn't remember that at all.

During our second threesome, I did notice the Maestro fucking me while I went down on her. And I remember feeling almost annoyed that he was distracting me from the beautiful, yummy pussy in front of me.

The truth is, I actually prefer pussy to cock, even to cock as amazing as the Maestro's. I just do. I can't help it.

Luckily, I don't have to choose. And as long as the Maestro keeps bringing me girls as fun as the last one, a young, curvy, subby girl, I'm willing to let him try to distract me with his cock while I lick her.

And apparently I don't have to choose with the new guy either. He's also a voyeur and happy to watch me give and receive pleasure from other women. And men.

We'd spotted Frankie and Kelly as they walked into the swingers club. She was a delicious, tall, curvy blond and he was slim with wavy brown, medium length hair and looked European somehow. They were tourists from Phoenix, we found out as we cuddled as we took a break from playing. Although I knew we'd played with them longer than anyone else, I couldn't be sure how long we'd played. Time seemed to fly by that evening. We'd played for more than 2 hours straight, more than half of which was with Kelly and Frankie.

"You know we fucked the hottest couple there, right?"

"Yep," the new guy responded with a smirk. And then we fist bumped. In fact we'd ended up playing with a few of the hotter couples we'd spotted that night but Kelly and Frankie had been the hottest and the most fun. He had a thick cock that couldn't be classified as a sideshow, even to Kelly's sexiness, and was an amazing kisser. She was somehow both aggressive and submissive, pouncing on me, the first woman she'd ever been with, at one moment and melting as my hands wrapped around her throat the next.

That evening, my first visit to a swingers club, really had been a blur. As open minded and sexually adventurous as I am, I still surprised myself a little with how easily I jumped into play. I've never been one for public play in the kink scene and never really wanted to play with strangers. And yet I found myself smack dab in the middle of exactly that at the swingers club, enjoying myself immensely. Enjoying other women immensely.

"It was like a girl smorgasbord for you," the new guy said the next day.

Between the new guy and the Maestro, it's been quite the girl smorgasbord lately.

And they both seem to have plans to continue supplying me with girls.

I could get used to this.


  1. sounds like the start of a new adventure series! ;)

    1. Ha! "The swinging adventures of Lilyana." Stay tuned!