Thursday, April 20, 2017

The most vanilla we've ever been

The Maestro had invited Hando to join him, two other women and me several weeks ago. Scheduling became complicated and like so many planned group sex events, life got in the way and it never happened.

Through some kind of cosmic miracle, the stars aligned and the Maestro, Hando and me happened to be available on the same night. The Maestro heated his magical hot tub and pool and Hando and I joined him.

Any kind of awkwardness that might have existed melted into a fun conversation where, among other things, the Maestro regaled Hando, at my request, with his recount of my interlude with the BBC and our three/foursome with the couple. And that melted into me sucking the Maestro's cock.

"Watching you suck cock might be my new favorite thing," declared Hando from his vantage point on the edge of the hot tub.

"It's hot, right?" the Maestro added. Even with my mouth full of his substantial cock, I smiled.

"Do you look that hot sucking MY cock? Now I want to watch that, you know, like I can see this now." I had to laugh a little at Hando's wonder. I also marveled at my own arousal over being watched.

Although the Maestro and I had engaged in group sex on multiple occasions during our short relationship, Hando and I had not had the opportunity. It wasn't that one or both of us weren't ready. We both love to share and are both practiced in it. We just hadn't made it happen.

Once the Maestro confirmed, I spent some time carefully considering the dilemma of Hando. Not that I for a moment doubted either of us could go through with a MMF without any jealousy or performance issues. I was worried about our default D/s setting being something that could be squelched enough to engage in group sex without triggering his subbiness.

Neither Hando nor I were comfortable with him being subby in front of the Maestro. Perhaps with someone else well versed in the lifestyle or as part of our own D/s scene where his submission was an integral part of it, but neither of us were comfortable with him being subby around another guy I'm dating.

I've used the term pseudo-vanilla to describe vanilla sex with a sub. I say pseudo-vanilla because once I know how to trigger someone's subbiness, my instinct is to do so in every sexual interaction. It's damn near impossible not to and it makes damn near all sex with a sub a little less than vanilla, even when I'm not intentionally domming someone.

You can take the girl out of the leather catsuit but you can't take the dominance out of the girl.

Not that I've ever worn a leather catsuit, but you get the point.

So my challenge in this MMF would be to somehow manage not to trigger Hando's subbiness in the middle of the MMF. To not let my Domme instinct engage.

"Can I fuck Hando without triggering his submissive side?" I texted my Domme friend.

She responded immediately with the kind of pep talk I'd only ask for or accept from her: "*my hands on your shoulders looking you in the eye* Of course you can! You are "the" Mistress Lilyana and you can order Hando not to sub out and the Maestro to DP you."

We moved the party from the hot tub to the Maestro's bed. There was a lot of cock sucking and some fucking. The positions changed but there seemed to be two cocks in me at all times.

My hands slid down Hando's shoulders but each time, I managed to catch myself before my fingertips found his nipples. It was easier than I thought to avoid touching Hando's neck - another trigger - and to curtail the dirty talk, probably because of the Maestro's energy in the mix.

Still, good boy that Hando is, he twice managed to find a Maestro-free moment to lean down and whisper in my ear.

"Mistress," he breathed. "I just want you to know that I'm still your good boy."

His admission made me smile.

As Hando and I discussed the MMF highlights the next day, Hando declared, "You know, I think that's the most vanilla we've ever been."

I had to laugh. It was true.


  1. Phew! Just read your entire blog from the first entry to this one. Well spent couple of hours! :)

    Just amazing. I wish you were living here in Sweden! :D

    1. Wow, that's dedication! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.