Saturday, September 17, 2016

"It's not like I need it anymore" - by my pet object

My pet object recently surprised me with this delicious little morsel of writing. It's a piece from his perspective on the fun with chastity and strap-on play that I've written about in "Lack of dickstraction and my perfect fuchsia dildo" and "'Why do I like it so much?'" 

I just HAD to share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I thrust into Mistress Lilyana yet again with the fuchsia cock she had replaced mine with, feeling the pressure of her orgasm through the base of the dildo against my skin. It was only one of many orgasms she had that afternoon but this one caused a delicious smile to creep across her face. 

She was sated, for now. 

She was sated in a way I could never be capable of, sweat dripped off me as I fucked her to the edge of my own body’s stamina. My own cock was locked in the clear cage it had been locked in all weekend. Smashed against the hard plastic, hopelessly trying to escape it’s prison. Unable to feel anything whatsoever besides the pressure of it’s own frustration.

“My cock is so hard right now,” I exclaimed with a sheepish grin on my face, still breathing heavily. 

“I don’t know why,” she responded with a laugh, missing no small amount of sadistic glee. “Is it confused?” she asked sarcastically. “It’s not like I need it anymore.” 

A rush came over my body as the words exited her mouth. My face turned red and my whole body tingled as a flood of conflicting emotions coursed through my body. Unable to respond my mouth hung open, agape in shock while the corners of my mouth betrayed my true feelings as they simultaneously curled into the slightest of smiles.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Boys with handles

Something happens to me when I put on my cock. To say I get aggressive might be an understatement. And with every whimper, cry or moan, my aggression grows.

When I'm wearing a strap-on, I can't get deep enough or fuck him hard enough. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to. 

Oh but do I try.

I've found that rope helps. Well, it goes without saying that everything is better with rope BUT I've found that it really helps with pegging. 

How, you may ask? Well, the title of the blog gave my secret away. I give boys handles. Beautifully tied hemp rope handles. 

Most recently, I've tied two different types of handles on two different boys. 

On my pet object, I used a gunslinger harness to give him handles along both his hips. I didn't stop to take pics. I wish I had. That happens sometimes when I'm playing. I'm more into the moment then I am preserving the memory. But this is kind of what it looked like except there were handles on both hips. And he was naked. 

I pulled out two 30 foot lengths of my scarlet hemp rope and watched my pet object's eyes light up. I sat on the edge of my bed and had him stand before me as I added handles to him. Due to the wrapping on the sides, the tie takes a bit longer than others and we both savored every moment.

I'd forgotten how much he enjoyed me tying him up. Or maybe he enjoyed it more this time than others. Or maybe I just happened to notice this time. But he was all subby shy smiles while I wrapped my rope around his waist and thighs. 

When all 60 feet of hemp was securely tied to him, I pushed him face down over the edge of the bed I'd been sitting on and prepped for pegging. 

Although my style of strap-on play might be best characterized as brutal, I'm not a total monster. I lubed him thoroughly and warmed him up a bit before shoving my cock into his ass. 

Okay okay, if I'm being truthful, I gently pushed it in the first time and even let him adjust to it. 

And then I brutally fucked him. 

On Hando, I created handles on the back of chest harness. This time, I remembered to stop and take a picture.

As I pulled out my rope, Hando stood in in front of me and extended his wrists together expectedly.

"Nope. Today I'm giving you handles."

I turned him away from me, reached under his arms in front of him and started wrapping my rope around his chest.

Once I'd completed the harness with wrapped handles, I grabbed the handles firmly, gave him a shove and yanked him back towards me. He gasped a little at the surprise.

"That'll work."

And then I guided him to my dresser mirror so he could look at himself in the mirror.

"Do you see how hot you look in my rope?"

"Yes, ma'am," he almost whispered.

And then I prepped him for pegging before I brutally fucked him.

As much as I enjoy pegging in a missionary position so I can watch their faces, sometimes I just want to unleash my aggressive side and fuck a boy HARD and deep. And that's just what I did.

The rope handles provide the additional grip and leverage I need to get deep. I can pull him onto my cock HARD as I'm thrusting into him. I can easily establish a rhythm.

And it's a great upper body work out. The day after giving my pet object handles, my shoulders were a bit sore because at one point, he'd totally surrendered to become a pile of subby boy goo, almost limp from sensation, and I'd seized the rope handles on his hips and continued fucking him without much of any help from him at all.

He was hole for me to use and I told him so. "Yes, Mistress," he moaned into my mattress.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The night I found him kneeling for me

"Let yourself in. Undress downstairs and come upstairs to me in nothing but the steel plug," I'd texted Hando as I was getting ready for bed.

Just as I was putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, I heard a soft, "Hey there" from my bedroom. I peeked out of the bathroom to find him kneeling naked, palms on his thighs.

I was surprised and pleased and instantly wet at his thoughtful gesture of kneeling for me without me asking. 

He's knelt for me a few times. Not as often as I'd ask of a seasoned sub. I'm not entirely sure why I don't ask him to kneel for me more often. I love the way he looks up at me and he is just so fucking hot while he's doing it. 

"I just want to look at you a while," I said, sitting on the end of the bed while I removed my makeup with a cloth, relishing the very erotic turn my nightly ritual had taken. I soaked up the display that he presented as we made sexy small talk.

"Come here," I finally beckoned. And he walked on his knees the short distance to where I sat in the bed. I splayed my fingers around his neck as he turned his face up to me for a kiss. I put my lips to his and gently bit the bottom one. He sighed and melted. 

He oozed submissiveness in a way I'd never felt from him before as I explored his neck, shoulders and chest with my fingertips. Or perhaps it was my own headspace. Regardless, his reactions provoked my inner Domme and I felt more powerful than ever as I basked in the yummy subby energy that rolled off of him and enveloped me. 

He ran his hands slowly up my legs under my long sundress. I should have chided him for not asking permission but I couldn't. He was simply seeking more skin to skin contact, as he often does. In doing so, I discovered I was craving his hands on me too. 

I continued to kiss him, pausing for a few moments here and there to nibble on his neck and ears. My fingertips traveled down his chest to his nipples as if drawn there by magnets. With each sigh he melted further, dragging me into the dangerous Domme headspace where I wanted to take full advantage of every morsel of subbiness he had to give. 

I wanted to bite him. I wanted to mark him. I wanted to push him down onto my bed, yank out the butt plug and thrust my cock into him. Instead I scratched him firmly but not firmly enough to leave marks. I wanted to grab his chin, look in his eyes, say something filthy and then smirk while I watched him react to my cruel words. But I didn't. 

"You're fighting it, aren't you?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Can't you open the door just a little? Let just a little out?"

I didn't respond for a what seemed like a long while. I continued to kiss him and touch him while I contemplated.

"No, I don't think so."

Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Why do I like it so much?"

My new favorite thing is watching the range of emotions on a guy's face as he processes a new kinky experience.

So fucking hot. 

I'm seeing it a lot with Hando as I'm introducing new things to him regularly. And to be honest, now that I know how much it arouses me, sometimes I step things up just to see his reactions. 

I'll never forget how he looked the first time I asked him to kneel for me. The first time I made him suck my cock.

Hando's face is among the most expressive I've ever seen. I'm not sure if it's the fact that he's a performer or what but I love to watch his face when we play. 

Wonder. Delight. Excitement. Bewilderment. Surprise. Confusion. I've watched all of those and more play out across his face in a matter of moments as he processes something new. 

I see a lot of confusion. Brows furrowed for a moment or two before he melts into subbiness. 

It makes me smile. I delight in it. 

When we started down this path in March, one night he tentatively licked my ass completely unprompted. I reveled in him doing it, but I didn't realize the significance until we discussed it later. He knew I enjoyed it, but because he's a self proclaimed germophobe, he couldn't believe he'd done it. 

And he was astounded that he found himself thinking about it a lot and wanted to do it again. 

Then he was away for a few months for work but periodically, he'd articulate his desire to lick my ass. 

"Why do I want it so much?" 

I'd always snicker. And in the beginning, I also explained that he wants to please me and he knows I enjoy it. I'd tell him it's in his nature to please. That it's part of our dynamic. 

Of course it's also naughty as fuck. That has something to do with it. 

It's been a recurring question from him, though less as of late. It's not because he's no longer "leveling up" as rapidly as before though. Of course I'm still enjoying watching the conflicting emotions play out across his face, but I don't hear the question as often. I assumed it was because he knew the answer. That Hando understood his subbiness now. 

So imagine my surprise when, in the middle of an intense scene weekend before last, my pet object, a seasoned sub, blurted out, "Why do I like it so much?"

Of course I laughed. I laughed at his confusion. I laughed at the conflict so clearly written across his adorable face. I laughed at his torment. I laughed at the fact that I'm getting such similar questions from both guys I'm topping.

Not only had my pet object read my blog, he'd heard me mention more than once during conversations that there was a pretty good chance he wouldn't be putting his dick in me. Why would I when I could make him fuck me with my perfect pink dildo? 

I'd locked up his cock within an hour of his arrival. And he stayed locked up all weekend long. 

Of course I teased him about it. I asked him if he remembered how good my pussy felt. I told him he might not ever feel it again.

"Why do I like it so much?" my pet object asked as I came on the large pink dildo strapped above his locked up cock yet again. 

I laughed, of course. 

The truth is, they like it and want it so much because it's very naughty and very humiliating. It's also because they both have a connection with me and they know they're pleasing me. 

It's not enough to know those things though. The conflict continues whether they verbalize it or whether it just plays out across their faces while they process everything. 

And it's so fucking hot for me. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The ultimate compliment

"I trust you and your judgement. And you know what I'm ready for and not ready for."

"I do but I LOVE hearing you say that."

"I will do whatever you want."

I marvel at how safe Hando feels with me and how much he trusts me when he knows exactly what I'm capable of. 

He's read my blog. He's read the story the girl wrote about an incredibly brutal scene I did with her - one too intense to post here.

He's seen me deny my pet object. He's even commented on my meanness. 

And although I am usually capable of holding back my RAWR, he's seen me slip into the primal Domme headspace for a few moments. 

It's a place I try not to go with him. He's still so new and I feel more certain than he is that he's not ready for me to let my primal instincts free. He's not ready for the biting, spitting, face slapping let alone the stream of verbal humiliation that seems to flow from my mouth when I really cut loose. 

He knows what I'm capable of. He knows I could focus my brutality on him. In the best case scenario, he knows I could put him into a scene that pushes his limits in an uncomfortable way. 

And yet he completely trusts me. 

Am I worthy of that trust? With each deep breath I take as I fight not to sink deeper into the primal side of my Dommeness when I play with him, with each time I elect not to give voice to the naughty things in my head, as I continue to trust the instincts that have never let me wrong, I know that I am worthy of the trust. 

And yet I'm still amazed that he so completely trusts me. It's the ultimate compliment. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lack of dickstraction and my perfect fuchsia dildo

I had my pet object in my bed in a matter of minutes after his arrival. No D/s play, just two people hungry for each other.

I didn't think about the brand new Holy Trainer 2 chastity device still in the packaging just a few feet away as I enjoyed being wrapped around him. If I had, I'd have probably been a little sad about the idea of locking him up. 

The truth is, I like fucking my subs. I just do. I enjoy connecting that way and physically, I just fucking like it. 

For me, D/s has always been about the sex. And I've always been a little conflicted about chastity. The mindfuck is a delicious but in the end, I still want a deep dicking that can't happen when his cock is locked up. 

Still, I gleefully locked my pet object's cock up not long after we had sex. After all, I had the keys. I could unlock him whenever I wanted, use his cock and then lock him back up again. 

The next day, he served me and two friends poolside. I enjoyed knowing he was collared, locked up in the black panties with SLUT spelled across the ass in rhinestones. I had fun tapping on the plastic encasing his cock and hearing him wince or sigh. Or both. 

Later that night, I helped him into my strap-on harness for the first time. After awkwardly pulling at the various straps, my perfect fuchsia dildo was perfectly position beyond his locked up cock. 

With that fuchsia dildo, he proceeded to give me the deep dicking I deserved. I never missed his cock. Not even a little. 

He was completely focused on me and my pleasure. Once he hit the perfect rhythm, depth and angle, I told him not to stop and then proceeded to have multiple orgasms all over my fuchsia cock. There was no dickstraction on his part because he couldn't feel a thing. 

Actually, the latter part of that last statement is not completely true. Miraculously, he seemed to know exactly when my pussy was pulsing around the fuchsia cock strapped onto his groin. His moans and gasps told me he was actually feeling it. 

Only he totally wasn't. He was just very, very focused on me. Not even a little bit dickstracted. 

I teased him about how good it felt. How my perfectly sized and shaped fuchsia dildo was the perfect cock. I told him I may never need to use his cock again. 

It was the heat of the moment - the kind of moment where something ridiculously hot flows out of my mouth on instinct, completely unplanned.

Sometimes I'm surprised by what comes out of my mouth in times like this. But always, upon examination later, I find my truest thoughts and feelings have been articulated.

In the days after his visit, I considered those words I'd uttered in the heat of the moment and asked myself, did I mean them?

Just like everything else I've said in the heat of the moment, it felt true even when the hotness has mostly subsided.

Does that mean that my days of having pseudo vanilla sex with my pet object are over? Not necessarily.

But as long as my perfect fuchsia dildo is nearby, there's a high probability I'll choose it.

My boy, my pet object

One night while under the influence, Dr Dom / Mr Subby reblogged a rather ridiculous tumblr picture with a rather ridiculous caption left by some random guy. When he reblogged it, he tacked onto the end, "I want to be @mistresslilyana's pet object."

When I saw the post the next day, I struggled to put together his statement, his use of the term 'pet object' and weave it together with the picture posted and the caption posted. There was simply no way to draw any real conclusions from his post at all. 

The kink world is full of interesting labels and terms. However, one that isn't used is 'pet object.'

I teased him about the 'pet object' reference and it became just one the many inside jokes we have. It was also a more serious discussion about what it means to feel like a pet object.

We really don't engage in any remote play and since we don't see each other often, the D/s aspect of our relationship hasn't escalated as rapidly as it might have if we lived closer. Still, after four years, I felt like it was time to take the next step.

I've always had a collar I've used with whomever I'm playing with. It's a very plain, black nylon dog collar I purchased at a pet store. Simple and intentionally devoid of anything that might encourage attachment. Whenever I put it on someone the first time, I always let them know it's a PLAY collar. I want to be very clear it doesn't belong to them nor does any significance go beyond play.

To me, collaring is BDSM marriage. I've never collared anyone before and I'm still not sure I'm ready. However, I felt like Dr Dom / Mr Subby had earned the gift of this own collar so before his last visit, I set about to buy one.

I checked my go to shopping source, Amazon, for collars and settled on a gorgeous black leather collar, thick and padded with pale pink leather and stitched in the same pale pink. Very classy.

The day of his arrival, I found the perfect tag and the machine you use to engrave your own tags at the second pet store I visited. On one side, I had MISTRESS LILYANA'S PET OBJECT engraved upon it. On the other, I used my real name.

I could barely wait to give it to him, but I managed to hold out until I could find a private moment with him the next day while he was serving my friends and me poolside.

He loved it. He wore it pretty much the rest of the day, even in the car. And he looked so fucking hot in it.

I took pictures of him wearing it. I took a close up that showed the engraved tag. And then my phone ate it.

When I told him I was going to blog about it, we agreed it was time to decommission his old nickname, Dr Dom / Mr Subby, and making it official.

So he's now officially dubbed 'pet object.' And he's got the collar to prove it.

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