Sunday, November 25, 2012


I almost never wear panties. I blame my college boyfriend for that. Despite the fact that I had quite the collection of Victoria's Secret's finest silk and satin panties when we met, he preferred me panty-free.

I felt daring and undeniably naughty the first time I went out in public without panties. I remember locking eyes with him across the restaurant as I sauntered back from the salad bar feeling sure my mini skirt was going to reveal too much. I'm sure my smile gave me away.

And I'm sure we went home and fucked for hours.

In the years thereafter, I used my lack of panties as a weapon. I'd lean over to an unsuspecting guy and whisper, "I don't wear panties." I'd pause dramatically, letting that little tidbit sink in and then add, "Ever."

Somewhere along the way, not wearing panties became less sexy to me. I quit using it to shock guys. Sure, I still relished the little moan a guy couldn't suppress the first time he undid my pants or put his hands up my skirt and found no panties blocking his way. But wearing panties became the exception, not the norm and I'd comfortable with wearing no panties on a daily basis.

And then about five years ago, at the urging of my first girlfriend, I began buying panties again. Lacy boy shorts with a tiny satin bow and dangling sparkly bit that made me feel sexy and beautiful. Panties that made my ass look amazing.

One of the few pairs of panties I own.
I don't wear panties often. I save them for those times when I want to feel exceptionally sexy. And they never fail to make me feel almost naughty, much in the same way I felt so many years ago the first time I went without panties for my boyfriend.

The last time I played with medieval ken, I wore panties. And I had him do something so simple, so amazingly sexy that it might just change my mind about wearing panties. For play at least.

I had him kneel and then I stepped in close. "Now I want you to very, very slowly take my panties off."

As he slid his hands slowly up my thighs, I raked my fingers through his thick hair and steadied myself with my fingertips on his scalp. With his thumbs in the lace on each hip, he very, very slowly pulled my panties down to my ankles.

Even as I savored each moment, I marveled at how unexpectedly delicious something as simple as wearing panties could be.

OK, MAYBE just maybe it had a little something to do with the boy on his knees.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My first date with medieval ken, almost a year ago, remains the best first date I've ever had. He took the initiative to plan it and I let him. He chose a lovely restaurant with an amazing view and we spent three leisurely hours talking through a bottle of wine and a delicious meal. We talked about everything but kink and then moved to a lounge where we drank cocktails and flirted until I finally broke down and kissed him. We closed down the bar that night and then I took him home and broke my I-don't-play-on-the-first-date rule.

I can't remember exactly what we did but we didn't fuck. What I do remember is breaking my I-don't-let-guys-sleep-over rule. I blame the alcohol.

I saw him a couple of times after that but we drifted apart. We swapped some texts and remained Facebook friends. Hell, we even discussed working together (his company and mine) on a project. We both pursued other relationships but stayed in touch. And every few months I'd catch him peering at my collarme profile. He liked my pictures, he said.

I'd think of him from time to time, remembering how he'd bite his lip in that delicious way that made his dimples show when I'd do something evil to him.

And then a few weeks ago, we started talking again. Neither of us could remember really why we'd stopped seeing each other. Both of us were clearly still interested. We discussed what we were both looking for, agreed we seemed to be looking for something similar and set a date.

We chatted through a lengthy dinner, with margaritas this time, and then went back to my place where we talked some more. As we sat on the sofa, I was distracted by his hand on my leg. Actually, it wasn't his hand on my leg. It was my body's reaction to his hand on my leg. It both puzzled and intrigued me, this reaction. That I'd have a reaction all surprised me.

And then we kissed.

It was that perfect kind of kiss that makes you think HOLY SHIT. I kept kissing him, waiting for there to be a fumbling but kissing him was like some finely choreographed dance that continued beautifully and flawlessly. It was if we'd been kissing for years.

We melted into each other and I marveled at how natural, easy and totally hot it was.

I stopped kissing him after a while and nearly shouted, "I don't remember us having this kind of mad chemistry before. Did we have this kind of chemistry before? We didn't did we?"

He laughed, "You don't remember?"

"NO! I'd have never let you wander off if I'd remembered this!"

As hot as it was with him, as crazy intense as our chemistry was, he was not giving me the "subby vibe." I broke out the rope and we had some light play but I didn't have that predatory feeling I typically do when I play with a sub I crave. And although I did crave him, I didn't want to devour him. It was like really hot 'messing around' in a vanilla way. With rope. And some pain. And some face sitting.

As it happened, I was puzzled. As I look back on it, I'm still baffled. Were was my Mistressness?

It wasn't anything he did or didn't do. He did EVERYTHING right for damn sure. I even caught him biting his lip, his dimples making me melt. And his responsiveness to me was perfect. I was feeling super sexy and uber aroused but not RAWR.

We hadn't talked kink in so long I couldn't remember his experience or limits. Maybe that was it. Maybe my inner Domme was holding me back because if it. Or maybe it was the crazy sexual chemistry overriding any D/s dynamic and fucking with my Domme mode.

I'm definitely not losing sleep over worrying about it. I had an amazing time and look forward to seeing (and playing with) him again.

But I must admit I am definitely intrigued. If we have this kind of crazy sexual chemistry now, this early ... and then we develop that yummy D/s chemistry on top of it ...

Yeah, this could have some definite potential for mega hotness!