Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My thoughts on submission (for prospective subs)

Submission occurs by your VOLUNTARY choice alone. The desire to serve me must come from within you and cannot and will not be non-consensually imposed by me, which is both immoral and illegal. I will not “take” your submission or force you to submit.

As my submissive, you respond to my requests with simple, direct, voluntary and joyous compliance. If this compliance is not forthcoming then you are not submitting. If you feel like I need to 'overcome' your resistance to prove I am a 'true or real dominant,' find someone else.

When you choose to submit to me and I accept your submission, you are relinquishing control of multiple aspects of your life to me and I am accepting that control. Together we'll decide what those aspects are.

I'm not your mother. You are not my slave. I cannot make every decision in your life and do not want to. However, I am happy to offer counsel as a friend, or even just listen when you need to talk.

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  1. Ive got to admit, Ive started reading through your blog from the begining & as a Dom I fucking love this. I wais I had seen it sooner becaues it states very plainly how I feel about it & some lesons that were hard earned might have been easier if I had read it sooner.