Thursday, July 21, 2011

A bowl for my cherries

I've always had a thing for the way a guy's lower back is shaped when he's fit. The curves of muscle, the way they form valleys and troughs where they come together. Yum.

I had bon-bon on his knees on our first date. It's not something I do regularly. I don't typically play with a guy on the first date at all. But I wanted him on his knees and so he was. I'd put him in my rope cuffs and let my hands explore his chest and back, unbuttoning his shirt a bit at a time, teasing us both.

He's in great shape. Not ripped, but very fit and working towards ripped. My hands were very happy checking out the terrain - especially the valleys. And I found the well defined trough in his back intoxicating.
During our first play session, he'd spent most of his time tied to his bed. On his back.

In planning for our second session, I decided I wanted to combine two things I'm fascinated with: his lower back and objectification.

"You're going to be my snack tray," I told him.

And so he was. I had him lay face down across the ottoman and I placed some fruit and cheese in the bowl that his lower back formed.

Then I sat back, sipped my wine and admired the view.

But as lovely as the view was, after a few bites of cheese, a cherry and some grapes, I became a bit bored. That's when I grabbed my riding crop and discovered how nicely bon-bon welts. And how nicely he jumps when I smack his ass.

His reactions made me grin. So of course I smacked him again. And again and again.

He didn't stop flinching when I hit him and each time my crop came in contact with his ass, the fruit in his lower back came precariously close to spilling.

"Don't you dare spill my cherries," I instructed him.

"Yes Mistress," he responded.

When I had thoroughly reddened his ass and left some very nice welts, I removed my panties, leaned over him and whispered, "Do you have any idea how much I enjoy hurting you?"

And then I put my panties under his nose so he could smell just how excited his pain made me.
I used him as a foot stool as I masturbated and admired the view. I even drank wine from the divot in his lower back, lapping it ever so slowly.

He's doing a new workout routine, one he claims is rather intense. He promises it will yield six pack abs and ... a bigger bowl for my cherries.

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