Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My type

Until a few years ago, I'd always claimed I didn't have a type. True, I'd enjoyed an exotic men phase (Indian, Egyptian, Iranian, French and Italian) and I'd always enjoyed younger men, but physically, there were few similarities among the men I dated.

And then nodder shaved his head.

Well, actually I shaved nodder's head but that's another story.

Nodder, bon-bon and my pet object, I realized then, were all bald, submissive guys from New England. Nodder and my pet object both sported goatees also. I had to finally admit I have a type.

And then almost a year ago, I started dating Hando. He wasn't submissive when I found him and isn't from New England but is bald and has a goatee. He's also the same height and roughly the same build as bon-bon and my pet object.

It was about that time that I started noticing an attraction to random bald guys I'd run across. I'd immediately think of how their head and bare shoulders would look from my point of view as they bent between my thighs to lick my pussy.

I mean seriously. How hot is that?

This fall I took my pet object to a sporting event where he met many of my coworkers including bon-bon. In fact, he was seated right next to bon-bon and they chatted a bit about New England throughout the event. They even shared a joke about me having "a type."

When I visited Hando during Thanksgiving, I posted some pictures on Facebook of us and wondered if my coworkers would notice that it wasn't the same bald, medium height guy with light eyes and facial hair. No one ever commented so I never had to laugh off the whole "Yes, I have two boyfriends" idea as an explanation. I figured they'd assume it was the same guy if they even cared at all.

This past weekend, bon-bon and his girlfriend hosted a party attended by many of our coworkers. I took Hando.

I wondered how many of my coworkers would mistake him for my pet object. In fact, I texted my pet object right before the party and told him.

"Wanna make a bet on whether someone mistakes him for you?"

"Oh that's gonna happen," he said.

Each time I introduced Hando to someone who had met my pet object, I waited for them to say, "Good to see you again" or "I think we've met before" but it didn't happen.

And then bon-bon caught me in the kitchen without Hando and said, "Hey, I didn't want to say anything but isn't that the guy you brought to the sporting event?"

Bon-bon and I have grown close over the past year. He's begun introducing me as one of his best friends. He knows me well, knows about both Hando and my pet object and KNEW I was bringing Hando to the party.

So needless to say, I was blown away that HE was the one who couldn't tell them apart.

I guess I should be grateful it was him and not another coworker. The last thing I need is for my and bon-bon's coworkers to notice that I have a type and that type is bon-bon.

As we circulated and said our goodbyes, I found Hando talking to bon-bon. Their height, their coloring, their shiny shaved heads - even their eye glasses are so similar that as I approached them, I had to smile.

Yep, I have a type. Now let's just hope my coworkers don't figure that out.

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