Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking a break from dating

In January of this year, I decided if I was going to date, I should date submissive men. After a few short months of exploring my dominance, I realized it was something I wouldn't be able to live without and that I'd probably never be happy without some type of D/s relationship in my life.

I changed my FetLife and CollarMe profiles to be very specific about what I'm looking for. In a nutshell, I want a relationship with the potential to become long term with someone who is Dominant in their everyday life but who will submit to me in the bedroom.

For the most part, being specific has kept the riff raff, flakes and married subs at bay. Even so, since January I've spoken with countless male subs and been on more first dates than I can recall.

It's VERY nice to feel wanted, to know I'm desired, but it is also exhausting.

During most of this time, I've also been dating my FMT, a pseudo vanilla guy I met just prior to deciding I shouldn't be dating any 'nillas. And even though we weren't serious or exclusive, our break up three weeks ago put me into a bit of a tail spin that I was not expecting.

So it's a good time to take a step back and focus on myself without the challenge of dating.

Does that mean that if Mr. Wonderful came along I'd turn him down? LOL. Hell no! I'd tie that boy up and make him mine! What it means is that I'm not looking for him and if he finds me, he may find getting my attention to be a bit challenging.

But then there are my BDSM cravings ...

Honestly, since I came to this decision, my cravings for bondage, D/s and other kinks seems to have increased.

No, I don't plan to deny myself. I still have pk, my RL sub, cumboy and my brit, my two online subs, to satisfy my needs. However, I can do that without the complications of dating.


  1. Definitely don't stress over the whole "dating" thing Mistress. Enjoy things and have fun :)

  2. if You ever need a submissive to use online to help keep your spirits up Mistress Lilyana, You know that i am available for You. Mistress Akasha requires Her sluts to be available for use by Her friends. i would be pleased to submit to You. (blush)