Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exactly where I'm supposed to be

This entry is a continuation of my previous entry, Having the whole world at my feet, about my first meeting with fireboytoy.

I removed his earphones but left the blindfold in place. I spoke to him softly, my voiced laced with need and a hint of a Southern accent.

I stood before him as he trembled, my hands on his face, and I wiped the sweat of his anxiety off his upper lip with my thumb. He thanked me breathlessly, a little embarrassed, and then I kissed him.

He didn't kiss me back at first, didn't make his mouth available to me and I backed away, confused.

"Mistress may I kiss you?"

"Of course," I giggled and then I kissed him again.

I don't know how long I teased him with my hands, my breath and my hair on his skin as he knelt there, but eventually I asked him to stand. I switched the rope cuffs securing his wrists so that his hands were in front of him and led him to lay face down across the coffee table.

Once I'd quickly tied his hands under the table, I proceeded to very slowly tie his chest to the table, his ankles to the bureau behind him and his thighs open and securely fastened to the legs of the coffee table.

I knew he was an ass virgin. I knew he'd never engaged in strap on play. And bent across the coffee table as he was, fireboytoy was perfectly positioned to be taken. And he knew it. Mind fuck #2 of the evening.

No, I didn't take his ass.

What I did was let him see my face for the first him as he was tied up in my ropes wondering if I'd donned my strap on. I sat on the sofa, nearly at his eye level, and slipped the blindfold off his face.

I don't remember what either of us said. I do remember though there was no anxiety on my part about what he'd think of me seeing my face in person for the first time. This was no ordinary first date after all. I had the world at my feet and him tied to the coffee table with a raging erection. Life was good. I felt confident, invincible and desirable and certain he'd feel the same.

And for maybe the first time in my life I had the overwhelming thought that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing precisely what I was meant to be doing.

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  1. "And for maybe the first time in my life I had the overwhelming thought that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing precisely what I was meant to be doing."

    Isn't it an extraordinary moment when one feels the revelation of fulfillment? When one feels that expression of the self feels so good? Feels so right? That this is who we are? That is what we should be doing? What we must be doing?

    With all due respect related to our respective roles, I've been in the scene for a very long time, and from the time my Goddess and I first met you, I knew you were one of those people that would so find herself in the scene and the lifestyle. On a road can be rocky, and full of pitfalls, it's been quite pleasant to see your progression, and I'm very happy for your moment of catharsis.

    May you continue to find such fulfillment in the expression of your sexuality.