Sunday, November 22, 2009

Having the whole world at my feet

Typically I meet a new prospective sub in a vanilla environment at least once before engaging in any D/s play. However, the rapidly developed rapport that fireboytoy and I enjoyed made a rather unorthodox first meeting a real option for me for the first time.

He was waiting for me in his suite in one of the nicer strip resorts. Fireboytoy's wrists were bound in his own cuffs and he was blindfolded. To add to the sensory deprivation and to mask any noise I might make in the room, I had him wearing earphones to his iPod listening to music with the TV's providing additional ambient noise.

I arrived with a suitcase full of rope, toys and other goodies to find an envelope with a room key just under the door to his suite as we'd arranged. I let myself in to find the suite prepared exactly as I asked. A bottle of Riesling wine chilling with one glass poured. Towels positioned precisely where I asked. And one trembling man kneeling in the living area of the suite.

I quietly made my way towards him savoring my first view of my new boy. His trembling, his ragged breathing did nothing but excite me beyond reason and it was everything I could do to not touch him right away. I was able to resist for a few minutes as I checked out the suite and enjoyed a glass of wine.

Finally, I couldn't wait anymore. I lightly ran my hand though his hair and fireboytoy jumped at my touch, his breathing immediately becoming rapid. His response told me he'd had no idea I had been there.

My first task was to put him in my own cuffs. I slipped them on over his, and then removed his easily. Now he was mine and he knew it. Later he admitted this was the first major mind fuck of the night.

Mmmm gotta love the mind fuck.

After I had fireboytoy secured, I leaned in to smell him letting my long hair caress his bare shoulder while my hands explored him. Feeling his trembling under my fingertips empowered me in a way I can't begin to describe.

I tore myself away and left him to stew in his new level of anxiety. I enjoyed my wine as I changed into something that looked as sexy as I felt. I unpacked my gear and added carabiners to the bed frame in preparation to tie him to the bed later.

I found the CD player and inserted the CD of edgy, sexy music I use during scenes. Immediately I felt the comfort of my favorite tunes envelope me and I felt even more empowered. Using the remote, I opened the balloon curtains to the windows that overlook the Vegas skyline from 30 stories above and sashayed past an anxious, kneeling boy to the window. There, with my hands spread wide on the cool glass, it was like have more than one precious man kneeling at my feet; it was like having the whole world at my feet. I reveled in the feeling and couldn't stop myself from throwing my head back and laughing with giddiness.

And then I turned my attention back to the boy kneeling, trembling and waiting for me.

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