Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The player gives up dating for sport

Babyboy is a player. He's in his mid 20's and has enjoyed dating lots of girls who he openly admits he easily wraps around his little finger.

It seems to me he enjoys this little sport, dating vanilla girls. He's a good looking guy who prides himself on staying in shape. He says this is because he's a bartender and it helps his tips. I know those tips are mostly from women and, although I haven't seen him at work, would be willing to bet he flirts his way to better tips. And I'm certain he flirts in a way that makes each female feel special.

Yep, he's THAT kind of player. The non-cheesy kind that plays you before you realize you've been played.

I really enjoy knowing that he's out there playing the confident, assertive guy and wooing women when I know deep down all he really wants to do is be my little whore. I REALLY enjoy knowing that.

Then today babyboy tells me he's done dating girls. That he's all mine.

Part of me is thrilled he wants to give up dating for sport for me. But part of me liked knowing he was out there wrapping girls around his little finger. It amused me.

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