Thursday, May 13, 2010

Using my skills

I'm seeing a Dom now. Romantically, not for ass beatings. And no, he hasn't convinced me to submit to him.

It's been interesting, to be sure, as we are both very secure and comfortable in our dominance and neither of us is in the least bit intimidated by the other.

I love that.

It should be no surprise that I'd be attracted to a Dom. Even when I choose subs they're typically dominant in their vanilla lives. I've had three subs that were active Doms, including my very first sub. I'm attracted to strength and power. What can I say?

The first occasion 9 and I spent time together, there was some playful ass swatting going on outside the bedroom but no real D/s play. We didn't try to top one another in any kind of forceful way in the bedroom either.

The truth is, I don't desire his submission. Would it be hot for me? Fuck yeah! But I enjoy him the way he is. And I enjoy not having to always be in charge when I'm around him.

He was as respectful of me, my dominance and my expressed desire not to be topped as I was of his.

Well mostly. Old habits die hard.

I enjoy edging and using my mad oral skills to edge a guy over and over. I've often joked over the past year that I'm not sure that I remember how to get a guy to cum from oral stimulation because I have been perfecting my edging skills for so long.

I'm sure there are Dommes out there that refuse to go down on a guy but I adore the kind of control I have  when I have a guy's cock in my mouth. I just do. I love exacting each and every reaction: the sighs, the moans, the panting. I take my time and enjoy feeling his excitement build. And then I enjoy stopping him right at the precipice of that excitement and seeing the look in his eyes as he feels his opportunity to cum slip away.

So last Friday night I was demonstrating my oral skills on a boy ... er ... a man, actually. This particular man is not used to being teased and denied. Damn Doms. They usually get what they want, right?


I leisurely and thoroughly sucked his gorgeous cock as we watched a movie in no rush at all. Slowly the tension built to the point he was ready to cum and I stopped it. Once. Twice. And by the third time, moaning in frustration as I tried not to chuckle, 9 was onto me.

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked, batting my eyelashes before taking his dripping cock back into my mouth eliciting another deep sigh from 9.

I edged him four times and I'm quite certain he'll never ever forget it. He's mentioned it at least daily since it happened. And each time I smile at the memory and how cute he is to keep bringing it up.

Today he was complimenting me again on my oral skills. "You could suck start a Harley."

I laughed and started to thank him but he interrupted me. "No wait. You wouldn't suck start the Harley. You'd suck it to the point it was almost started and then you'd stop. And then you'd suck it again until it almost started but then you wouldn't let it start."

I remind him each time he mentions me edging him about how lucky he is that he's not my sub. At least his Harley has a pretty good chance of getting started. 


  1. erection achieved.........

    Crise pour esclavage

  2. this is perhaps the most complicated relationship i can imagine... but then i am not known for my imagination. good luck Mistress Lilyana!