Friday, February 22, 2013


Nodder called me Mistress Snugglebunny. More than once.

And no, I didn't punish him for it for a couple of reasons. 1) It was funny. 2) It was true.

My name is Lilyana and I'm a snuggleholic.

I admit it.

I told Dr. Dom / Mr. Subby I wanted to blog about snuggling and that I thought that might be a sign I need to rethink my life.

He laughed and said, "Yeah but you're an a-fucking-mazing snuggler. YOU HAVE MAD SNUGGLE-IBILITY."

Snuggling is an intimate thing for me. Although I might put my feet in your lap, I definitely don't snuggle on the first date. But once I'm comfortable with someone, I'm definitely down for some full contact snuggling.

My favorite snuggling position with nodder was spooning. I loved being on the inside so I could feel his arms around me and so I could wiggle my ass against him.

I might enjoy snuggling but I'm still a sadistic bitch. He'd moan with frustration into my ear and I'd snicker softly.

But with Dr. Dom / Mr. Subby, snuggling is very different sometimes. Sure, we snuggle in the traditional ways, but sometimes it's as though he wants nothing more than to wrap himself around me in the most beautifully submissive way. He will put his head in my lap and his arms around my legs. And I totally melt.

I love the way he looks wrapped around me, so sweet and sexy. I'll rub his shaved head and feel him relax more, melting into me.

As much as I look forward to playing with him again, as exciting as it will be to make him pant, groan and scream, I have to admit, Mistress Snugglebunny is looking forward to satisfying the desire to feel him wrapped around me, his head in my lap.

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  1. I love snuggling too...and I also love the idea of my head being in someone's lap ;)