Monday, April 1, 2013

Playing soccer in panties

I'm always interested in detailed accounts of how the assignments I give subs make them feel. This one was just too hot not to share.

Dear Mistress,

As promised, attached are the pictures you requested. I hope you are pleased with the results.

When I woke up this morning and you requested that I perform a task, my excitement could not have been measured. It had been a while since you requested anything at all, so I was a little shocked when you asked that I wear panties to my morning playoff game.

As with any athlete, superstition plays an everyday roll, especially when it comes to their clothing. That being said, adding panties to my kit was a tad frightening, but my cock seemed to be telling me otherwise. The excitement didn't take long to build. Before I knew it my cock was bouncing with anticipation. I was given the chance to please you and judging by the amount of precum, there was nothing I wanted to do more.

Your instructions were clear, so off I went to obtain the cotton pair about which we spoke. There at the bottom of the crowded drawer, I finally found them. I was worried for a second, the bright colored pairs would have been far too easy for people to spot if a slide tackle were to go awry. On they went over my still throbbing cock. I stood there a moment before putting on the rest of my kit, noticing the not so great fit. Tight just doesn't cut it as a description. I was running late so the rest of my kit went on in a hurry. As I ran to the car I could feel the thong fill in between my cheeks and push against my ass. The feeling of the soft fabric against my hole reminded my of all those instances where you requested me to bend over and describe the feeling of the fabric as it rubbed against me. Still hard, I jumped into the car and off to the game.

When I arrived, I was nervous, and I never get nervous. Whether or not I was going to get caught was a prominent thought. I also worried about noticeable panty lines. As I shook hands with my team, I felt dirty. I felt that I was doing the least manly thing I'd ever done. But again the signs: I was still semi hard and leaking precum. I'd reach to adjust and I all I could feel was the hot and sticky precum all over my lower abdomen. Then I thought of you and how happy that would make you. From then on, you were in my head as if you were a spectator at the game. I wanted to play well for you. I wanted to work hard for you. Most importantly, I wanted to win for you.

As I pushed the ball toward the middle of the field 10 minutes into the game I saw my first opening. The forward had made a quick run to the left, showing for a pass, so I drove to the open space with speed and let a shot fly from 22 yards out. The goalie was late to his left and my shot hit the back of the net. I looked over to the sideline as if you were there and when you weren't, I reached my thumb into the side of my shorts and gave a hidden tug to my panties. I shivered a bit from that. 25 minutes in and I still had blood pulsing into my cock, albeit at a much slower pace. The urge to pull the thong from the crack of my ass was overwhelming, but I couldn't justify such a move... what would everyone think?

Come halftime, I hurriedly ran to my phone to update you. I enjoyed knowing you were pleased.

As for the rest of the game, you would have been proud, I scored again from 15 out and had two assists. I freaked out half way through the second half when I went to the ground for a slide tackle. I'd tied my shorts extra tight, but it didn't keep me from frantically checking myself.
As the game ended, I gave everyone a quick congrats and was off to the car. Jeff, our forward, knew I lived the closest and offered up my house for the boys to come watch the EPL games. I wanted to say no because I had pictures to take for my Mistress. I didn't, because I knew you'd like that I was taking pictures of myself in panties, while sweaty men, in great shape, sat only feet away from the closed door that hid me.

Thank you Mistress.

Always on my knees.


  1. Wow. I want one of those.

  2. Putting a boy in panties is hot, but hearing how much he enjoyed it - that's a whole other level of hotness.

    Faile x

  3. I agree with Faile and enjoy keeping my fiancee pantied. But how he wrote to you about it does bring it up to another level. Very erotic. Thank you.

    1. Just having him do it was hot for me. Having him tell me about it was really hot. Having him write about it and reading the play by play ... Über hotness!

  4. I like that he imagined you there watching, proud of him. A sweet detail, alongside hotness.