Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In his eyes

As I alternated between a slow, sensual strokes up and down his shaft, sharp slaps to his cock and firm pats to his balls, I watched his face change. 

Sometimes, his eyes are closed as he enjoys the bliss of my soft hand but that never lasts long before I feel the need to hurt him again. After the first sharp slap to his cock though, his eyes fly open. The responses he gives me vary greatly. 

Often, he looks at me as if he's surprised. It's not genuine surprise because his eyes are soft and melty with sub space.  Sometimes he hisses or gasps. It's as if he's sleepy and aroused and yet surprised. This always amuses me. He knows I enjoy hurting him and I cannot fathom why he'd ever be surprised.

One of my favorite looks is the one I'd characterize as accusatory. He appears mad, forhead furrowed and typically growls aggressively at me.  It says, "What the fuck did you do that for" yet it encourages me to do it again. 

And then there is the look of adoration that tells me he will sit there and take whatever I want to dish out just as long as I want to give it to him. 

As I abused his cock over and over, I watched his face shift in response to my changes in tactics. In one particularly rough round of ball slapping, he growled and almost lunged towards me. His response made me smile, as it always does, but in a moment of clarity, a very interesting thought came to mind. 

His growl didn't scare me. His sudden lunge towards me didn't make me flinch. It just made me hot. Although he is bigger and stronger, none of his responses have ever made me afraid for my safety. They've only aroused me. 

The answer is in his eyes. Somewhere in the softness of his eyes, in his sub space, I can see there is no danger for me. There is no chance he wants retribution for all the pain I'm inflicting. There is only his acceptance and his desire to please me. 


  1. I agree with you about your observations of ones feelings being in there eyes. As a submissive male, I follow the cues of Miss Jessica's eyes quite often. I have never thought about it the other way around as you described, but just the same, the look in ones eyes can be a valuable tool for a dominant as well

  2. I like that thought of that instinctual urge of self-defense being so easily overridden by a sub who trusts his mistress. What's even hotter is that you noticed.