Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG you read that tweet?!?!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I don't hold back much. I'm very open about what I do with my boys, masturbation, dating, sex and even my interest in girls.

I enjoy the anonymity of being Mistress Lilyana online. I like being able to display my kinky pervy side for everyone to see via Twitter.

About a month or two ago, I started getting "out" in the BDSM community a little bit. I attended my first munch and then a bondage class. It was so much fun for me to be able to meet people with similar naughty interests.

Through those contacts, I have acquired new followers on Twitter and readers of my blog. This is great, right?

Oh yes it's great as long as I don't think about actually having to SEE them from time to time!

I feel secure with the internet wrapped around me like a fuzzy comfy blanket while I tweet about how I dropped my phone in the tub while masturbating and talking to a new girl. It's funny, sexy and interesting. Why wouldn't I tweet it?

And then I get a @response from my bondage instructor and realize I have to face him Thursday knowing he knows that incident as well as just about every other pervy thought that enters my brain because he follows me on Twitter.


If I was the kind of girl that blushes, that just might do the trick.

Yep, I'm going to be embarassed and not in the hot erotic humiliation kind of way either - the good old fashioned OH-MY-GOD kind of way.

I guess as I begin to bring my pervy online world and my real life together, I'm going to have to get used to it. I'm sure as hell not going to stop being pervy! I'm not sure I could even if I wanted to.


  1. LOL Yes we all get outed one way or another!

  2. That is so true-Tweeting and having a website is so much easier than the reality of dealing with everyone in person!Being online is like being able to go to another room at a crowded party!

  3. laughs - for me that feeds my exhibitionism!