Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventures in butt plug acquisition - Part 1 - by sindi

The following blog was written by my femsub, sindi, who I often refer to as "the girl." My simple assignment, to buy a butt plug, turned into a hilarious adventure that I felt could be chronicled best by sindi herself. This is part 1 of 3.

Hanging over the back of the white vinyl lounge chair in my Las Vegas hotel room, I watched my hair dangle around my face as I waited for my Mistress’ touch.

I had only arrived from Arizona an hour before, and here I was, five minutes into my visit with her, bare ass up in the air, doing her bidding.

Suddenly I felt her probing finger, cold with lube, opening me up for the cold stainless steel that was to follow.

“How does that feel?” she asked as she wedged the ornate, heavy metal butt plug slowly but firmly into my asshole.

“It feels good Mistress,” I replied. I remained in position as my Mistress admired her work, taking a few pictures that she would later share with her other Domme and switch girlfriends.

“Oh that is so pretty,” she exclaimed, bringing a smile and a blush to my face that was still veiled by my hair as I hung upside down over the back of the chair.

Her hands on my ass again, I could feel the moistness running down the inside of my thigh as she trailed her fingers from the butt plug down along the opening of my throbbing pussy. Unable to restrain myself, I let out a soft, “Oh,” as she gently pushed on the center of my new jewelry.

“What’s this?” she asked as her fingers slipped through my labia. “Why are you so wet?”

The answer was easy. “You walked into the room,” I replied, garnering a satisfied chuckle from her as she pumped my pussy a few times with her skilled fingers.

Then, “Whap!” I returned back to earth from glorious sub-space as she slapped my ass and ordered me to get dressed, butt plug in place, for our evening out together.

It was a crowning mome…, or, well, bottoming moment, really, in what had turned into quite the endeavor to complete my Mistresses latest assignment: Go buy a butt plug.

Easy enough, I initially thought. Besides, I LOVE to please my Mistress. I know how lucky I am to have found such a sweet but wicked Domme. The fact is, we have so much fun together. Should be no surprise to her devoted blog audience when I say she has great sense of humor. Already, in my short time under her tutelage, I feel like I have laughed more than I did all last year.

Which is something that is very important to us both, as we see how it is sometimes missing in BDSM relationships. We had this discussion early on, and for us, if it isn’t fun, then why do it?

“The beauty of BDSM is that you can make it whatever you want it to be,” she told me recently. I agree. Of course I agree. She’s my Mistress.

Beyond our silly moments, though, she is always in control, and her skill and passion for exacting various means of torture to a willing sub is nothing to scoff at.

There has been at least one occasion when I have left her to return home to Arizona with bruised ass and thighs, a sore throat, braised nipples, and a pussy that was absolutely on fire. *Sigh. Memories.

So, therefore, when my Mistress tells me to do something, I fucking do it.

Which gets us back to my butt plug assignment. Now, I was already aware that my predecessor, AKA cumboy, had choked on this same assignment. I won’t lie. There is a bit of a competitive streak that arises in me whenever I hear my Mistress speaking of her other cock subs or bottoms. Just is. So, with the knowledge of cumboy’s failure, I was quick to want to nail this one.

Never having bought or used a butt plug before, I asked for my Mistress’ specific instructions on what to buy. The plug had to have a very narrow neck she instructed me, and should be comfortable enough for me to sit on. Sit? “Oh man. What am I in for here?” I thought.

I immediately tried her patience with questions about what I would be doing with the plug once I purchased it. She wasn’t very happy about that and let me know. My mouthy moments tend to get me in trouble as a new sub, I admit. But realizing I was still confused about what to purchase, she was gracious with me and sent me pictures of a various plugs before finally sending me a picture of what would soon prove to be elusive anal treasure.

It was love at first sight. “Oh, I want that,” I told her, as I marveled at the pictures of metal jeweled plugs, or anal jewelry. The ad showed that the stainless steel plugs came in two sizes, large and extra large, and there were seven jewels to choose from including jet black, ruby red, and even aurora borealis.

“I hear these are really comfortable,” she said, adding that her friend Anna who works in a fetish shop had told her that customers gave it rave reviews regarding comfort.

“I’m going to find the most comfortable butt plug they make,” I informed her, an honest comment that she found absolutely hilarious.

Please read part 2 for sindi's hilarious experiences shopping for the elusive bejeweled butt plug. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback for sindi below. I'll make sure she gets them! - Mistress Lilyana


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