Saturday, May 23, 2009

Domming the Doms

My very first submissive, 6, was a Dom. I was the first woman he submitted to. He can actually be credited for recognizing my Dominance and bringing it out of me.

When I first agreed to Dom him, I didn't realize he'd been an active Dom for years. And when I discovered this, I was unexpectedly and completely turned on by the idea.

Since him, a handful of other Doms have chosen me to submit the first time. Hell, even one Domme submitted. One Dom has been tying up girls for more than 30 years. Another Dom maintained a secret foot fetish. All undeniably Dominant in very hot ways with secret desires to submit. TO ME.

It is unbelievably hot for me when a very masculine man submits to me. I love to exert power over their own power, tame the beast if you will. The more Dominant they are in their vanilla life, the hotter I find it when they submit. So it's natural, I guess, that Domming a Dom is very hot for me.

There are lots of potential scenes woven through my kinky creative mind, but easily the most erotic is Domming the Dom. I imagine watching him with some beautiful slut on her knees before him knowing he'll be on his knees before me very soon. I imagine her worshiping the cock I know I'm about to tie up in string and smack soundly with my riding crop. Hearing him give his little fucktoy commands in his deep confident voice knowing how he soft and warbly he sounds when he's begging me to cum.


  1. You are clearly amazing! I have been a Dom for years but happily submitted to a r/l girlfriend/ Mistress for three years. My only addition would be that in the case of a muscled, masculine Dom, the conquest must be absolute and incredibly arrogant. Your comments so turned me on!
    DarkStorm...(but for you Mistress, darkStorm).

  2. You are absolutely correct. Arrogance in imperative! Mmmmm love cocky guys and ADORE cocky Doms!

  3. ...and I think that every Dom, no matter how powerful, is, to at least some extent yearning to find the perfect Domme to kneel before...while maintaining his masculinity. A true Mistress is totally turned on by his power and his submission.


  4. what does r/l stand for?