Sunday, May 31, 2009

CBT: Does the T stand for Torture?

As I explore BDSM, I'm finding that my interests are even more diverse than I had anticipated when I started down this path. I am nothing if not sensual in my Domination style and yet, as I explore various things, I am finding I'm more of a sadist than I imagined I could be.

I enjoy CBT. I like hurting men in that way. I admit it.

CBT is Cock and Ball Torture, right? Or is it really torture?

I'm not sure how other Dommes handle CBT. I can only tell you how I do things and what my sluts tell me when I ask for feedback.

They love it.

But maybe the reason they love it is that it's about a combination of torture and pleasure. CBTP perhaps.

There is little I enjoy more than stroking and/or licking a dripping hard cock to the point of nearly cumming and then smacking it soundly with a riding crop. I love the contrast, pleasure to pain, moans of delight to gasps of shocking pain.

I could go on and on about the many ways I inflict both pleasure and pain on a nice scrotum and penis. But I wouldn't want to give away all my secrets. ;) Suffice to say, there is an adequate mixture of pain and pleasure.

One sub, pk, who is no lover of pain, once told me that he'd endure whatever I wanted to dish out as long as he could see the joyful expression on my face while I did it. Another, my Dom friend, said he feels like taking the pain means he gets the pleasure, not the least of which is ensuring I'm having a great time.

Today I was playing with my FMT, the vanilla guy I've been dating for nearly 6 months. I edged him for a bit, bringing him to the point of cumming over and over. Then, when I could take it no more I sat in his lap for my own pleasure before he came. Afterwards we were discussing the edging and I told him I wished I'd had my riding crop handy so I could smack his cock just as he reached the edge.

He was surprised, I think, to know that I might use a combination of something so pleasurable with something painful. But I think it provided a moment of clarity as to why a man would actually enjoy CBT.

Who knows. Maybe my FMT will let me try out my crop on his cock and balls. Until then, I suppose I'll continue to enjoy CBT on my sluts. Oh who am I kidding? I doubt I'd stop torturing my sluts just because my FMT let me torture him too.


  1. Ma'am - Although I have not tried this, I would definitely agree with pk. A sub WANTS his (or her) Dom/me to enjoy whatever they are doing. They are hard-wired to want to - to NEED to - grant pleasure. If they know that the pleasure is received, then they have achieved their purpose.

    So, if you enjoy CBT, Ma'am, the only thing I'll say is to listen to pk. He sounds like a very smart fellow. Show your enjoyment, and you'll get the world from your "sluts". But you already know that, I'm sure.

    But it works with vanilla guys, too. All men want to be the source of enjoyment for their lady. The only difference between vanilla and kink is the question of limits, IMO.


  2. Mistress Lilyana,

    To me, torture is something inflicted when there has been no plans for someone to endure pain. Any submissive who is serving a Mistress should already know that CBT will be part and parcel of a D/s relationship. If that is the case, "torture" is clearly not the correct noun to be used. I would redefine it as "Cock, Ball Pain Pleasure" session.


    sub duane