Monday, May 18, 2009

The sounds that boys make

Last night was my first time playing with dimples. We'd had a few vanilla dates previous to our play time and I had noted that he wasn't blushing when we talked about D/s, even when we were talking in public. From this I incorrectly suspected he would not be terribly responsive when we played.

Wow was I wrong!

I enjoy having subs assume various positions for me, particularly the first time we meet. It's fun for me to see them scramble to recall the positions and then get into that position quickly. Of course I have them do this naked. It's more entertaining that way.

One of my favorite positions is INSPECT which means the subby slut is standing, legs are lightly spread apart and his hands are folded behind his neck with his elbows spread wide. By this the body and especially the vulnerable chest are exposed and unprotected. I particularly enjoy the way a guy's arms look, the way the muscles curve and . . . mmmm . . . but I digress.

While a boy is in this position, I enjoy standing behind him and touching him however I want. Sometimes it's enough just to breathe on the back of his neck. Standing so close I can feel every shudder, hear every gasp, and for a sensual Dominant like me, that's all very very hot.

With dimples though, it was hilarious. He simply could not tolerate the touching and teasing and was immediately reduced to a whimpering, moaning pile of submissiveness. When he's turned on, he's super sensitive to touch. Any touch. So having him in the INSPECT position and letting my hands roam all over him was super fun. Oh he tried very hard not to flinch. He really was a trouper.

As the evening progressed, I found that his audible responses intensified. He whimpered and whined so much it reduced me to fits of giggles more than once. When I had him tied up spread eagle in my bed, even my soft kisses to his abs had him squealing so much I told him he was worse than a little girl.

I love all the sounds that boys make. The grunting, the gasping - all of the delicious sounds they emit when I play with them. I especially enjoy hearing them cum. Sometimes just hearing a boy cum for me is enough to make me cum. Sometimes.

I can't wait to make dimples squeal and whimper some more.

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