Friday, May 29, 2009

The scent of a boy

I dated a guy my senior year of high school who I worked with for the following two summers as a lifeguard AFTER we had broken up. He was actually my boss.

He had this intoxicating aroma that was like some kind of crazy trigger for me, and it was worse after spending the day in the sun. It wasn't bad like yucky BO but it was like this drug to me. I swear I had to keep from burying my nose in his discarded towels like some kind of crazy stalker. I could walk into the guard house when he was in there and nearly go weak in the knees just from one whiff.

When we dated, we fooled around and never "did it." He was a nice guy, a nice looking red head, but there was nothing stunningly amazing about him. However, after we broke up, it was sheer torture to be near him and, looking back, I must attribute it to the pheromones he emits which apparently just my brand. I can't explain it any other way.

In any case, I spent two summers torturing myself lifeguarding with my ex boyfriend and had to fight daily to keep from walking up to him and just licking him. That was 18 years ago and I bet I could identify him today purely by smell alone. And it would be pretty hard for me to restrain myself from jumping him.

Scent is a powerful thing for me. When I was with my first girl, I could NOT get enough of the way she smelled. In college an ex boyfriend enticed me into cheating on my current boyfriend by wearing a certain cologne he KNEW was my kryptonite. Ok, ok there MIGHT have been some Jack Daniels involved too, but I swear, it was the cologne that made me do it. Him. Do him, I mean.


  1. Ma'am i so totally understand. i am the same way with my wife. After doing her orally i just hate to wash my face. Can drive myself crazy. She is total oppsite and proclaims something wrong with me. and will not let me get close to or upwind of her. i think she is a fraid of he own scent or that she may like it. i would say that You have hit the internet running and never stopped. You have a talent for sharing and chating about life. i don't think you are one of those people that just create stories either. You do and enjoy what You do. ANyone that has chance to be Your friend is blessed.

  2. Aww thanks sissy georgette! Thanks for your sweet words. I promise every word on this blog is true. I know I could probably add to make the stories hotter but I just feel like the truth is incredibly hot.

    I feel blessed to have readers like you that enjoy my musings, especially when they take the time to let me know! Thanks!

  3. Scents to me are the most powerful of senses. I can remember every scent from my childhood, and that was some decades ago.

    My wife can lead me around by my nose via the remote control of her pheromones. She is a clean person, but still has what it takes to ensnare me into her charms.