Friday, October 8, 2010

My boy, my cutie consort

D/s relationship status: none

Relationship status: dated briefly

My cutie consort and I connected on a vanilla dating website where he'd contacted me hoping I'd be more sensitive to him being bisexual because I am also bi. In that regard, we're very much alike. We both enjoy physical relationships with the same sex but seek a more traditional heterosexual relationship with our primary partner. We began dating in August of 2010 and are enjoyed getting to know each other while we dated briefly.

In addition to being bisexual, my cutie consort has a bit of a kinky side. He's intrigued with BDSM and has engaged in a few activites that pique his interest. He was eager to learn more and more than a willing pupil. I didn't seek to dominate him in a traditional D/s fashion but had looked forward to topping him and co-topping with him.

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