Friday, October 8, 2010

The soup or the can

When a man is sick or in pain, it's as if the world is coming to an end. This is a universal truth that no one can argue.

My typical reaction is one of disgust. Perhaps this is because my ex husband's illnesses were never minor. A sniffle was a sinus infection. A cold? Always the flu. He twisted his ankle once but came home with a supposed physician diagnosis of "a severe severe sprain." No, that's not a typo. He actually said "severe severe."

Believe it or not, I do have a nurturing side. And I make damn good chicken noodle soup. The best you've ever had.

So when a man in my life becomes sick or hurt, it's interesting to see how I respond, even to me. I'm usually surprised to see who evokes my nurturing side.

Will I have the urge to make him chicken noodle soup or will I just want to throw the can at him?

When my FMT fell and injured himself a year ago, I made him fresh ice packs and checked his scalp laceration ever so often. I made him take ibuprofen and brought him refreshments. Then, after he mentioned going to the ER three or four times, I began to get annoyed.

But when my cutie consort was sick recently, I found myself wanting to make him chicken noodle soup. This surprised me. I mean, I enjoy him a lot but we haven't been seeing each other long enough for him to evoke my nurturing instincts, I'd think.

Then again, my ex husband didn't make me want to nurture him AT ALL and we were married for years.

When I commented on this to my sub recently, he asked me, "So do I get the soup or the can?"

"You get soup in a dog dish in the floor."

His reply? "Well at least it's soup and not dog food."


  1. Mistress, what a great post. I could only sit there and day dream about a savage scene in which you were whipping a warrior - slave with whom you were in love as he hung before you stripped ....and then blew air with your pouty lips on his fresh wounds....

    Your site is incredibly erotic and great fun...I am sure you are hot but it is the way your mind works that makes you exceptional.....


  2. If I were the kind of girl that blushed ... Thank you so much for your kind words, DarkStorm.

  3. You are most welcome...I can only say, as a Dom, you are the kind of Domme who could EASILY conquer me....and arrogantly snap a collar on this powerful neck..... Moreover, I am more than confident that you would be utterly arrogant in the process......

    Men in your life should never be weak....slave or Dom....though in your case the reality is they all become slaves..... You are obviously exceptional.


  4. I lose my compassion for anothers suffering if it is abused. For instance, I have had lovers who ALWAYS seemed to have some sort of pain or discomfort to complain about. At some point, one tends to shrug their shoulders in reaction and say, "So what else is new?". The same is true for drama queens that exaggerate the severity of their injuries/illness.