Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breaking in my new boy chewtoy

As soon as he walked in, I pushed chewtoy up against the door and pinned his hands above his head. I pressed myself against him and just leaned in to nuzzle his neck, finally close enough to be able to slowly inhale his scent. I ran my hands under his shirt, over his chest and around to his back and asked him, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes Mistress," he said automatically.

I released him and we sat and drank and talked for ages until I couldn't take the anticipation anymore. I ordered him to remove his shirt while I grabbed my rope cuffs. In seconds I had his hands bound and behind his head and I was straddling his lap.

I teased him like that for a while, touching him and eventually kissing and biting him while I ground myself against his lap. I removed the rest of his clothes and teased him some more before my need to see him in more rope could no longer be suppressed.

I tied chewtoy to my coffee table, legs spread, arms above his head and back arched. He clearly enjoyed even the tying process, the feel of the satiny ropes gliding across his body slowly.

And boy do I enjoy seeing a boy in rope. Mmmmm.

I left him after I tied him securely and when I came back a few minutes later, I was pleased to see his excitement was still evident. chewtoy had tried to escape while I was away and his struggle had just excited him more.

I teased him like this, bit him, kissed him and let him enjoy my riding crop on the insides of his thighs. I thoroughly enjoyed everytime he flinched and every moan just made me wetter.

I took a short bathroom break and returned a few minutes later with my panties in hand. I slipped the black lace over his head and he was in heaven enveloped in the scent of my excitement. (He later mentioned this was the highlight of the evening for him.) While he enjoyed that, I continued my cycle of teasing and torture until his shoulders were begining to hurt from the bondage.

I slowly untied him, letting the ropes slip against his skin. Just as I removed the rope that had bound his rope cuffs to the coffee table, chewtoy put his still bound hands behind me head and pulled me to him for a searing kiss. The intimacy of this simple gesture was WAY OFF the hotness meter and was easily the highlight of MY evening.

Then I pulled my black lace panties off his face and allowed him firsthand knowledge of how delicious I smell and taste.


  1. Sorry Nikki but I want to protect his privacy so I won't disclose that. Thanks for reading and commenting though! Good to hear from you!

  2. Loved the blog, feeling incredibly horny and dying to be tied and teased, shame I'm at work now surrounded by macho builders!!!

  3. Mmmm macho builders! Guys who can build things make me hot!

    Note to self: Write blog about things that make me hot.

  4. "And boy do I enjoy seeing a boy in rope. Mmmmm."

    Gosh, it's so hot really, the whole thing. thanks Mistress

  5. chewboy had a great time and sounds like You did too\