Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sharing a girl with pk

About a month ago I met a delightful and very hot woman at a fabulously kinky party that I thought would enjoy meeting pk so I invited her over to his house the following day for an afternoon of lounging around the pool.

A little back story: pk is my sub and we adore each other but we don't really date each other. We're always on the look out for each other's mister or misses right. When I saw this lady flogging a boy just moments after being released from being tied up at the party, I'd hoped maybe I'd found someone for pk's switchy self.

So we spent a Sunday afternoon drinking and chatting pool side with some friends. She wanted to be tied up again so I even dragged out the rope and happily obliged her and then tied up pk for good measure.

After our friends left, she, pk and me began to play, first in the shower and then in pk's very comfy though not bondage friendly bed.

She had never been with a woman before and I was only too happy to be her first. As we became wrapped up in each other, pk got shoved none to0 gently to the side and what started as a threesome turned into pk watching us.

Don't pity him though. He got to see two hot chicks and some strap on action.

It was beautiful, as is always the case when two women are intimate. She enjoyed my strap on more than any cock she'd had before and wasn't afraid to share that with pk and me. I also enjoyed the irony of me whipping it out to use on her our first time when pk has not yet had the opportunity to even suck my strap on yet. I'm sure he was jealous not only that I was fucking this beautiful woman but also longing to be the one receiving my strap on himself.

In the after glow of our girl on girl action, she and I snuggled up in bed. I asked pk to fetch his metal dog dish and then masturbate for our entertainment.

She and I spooned naked and while I dished out "helpful" comments and instructions to pk while he touched himself. Then she turned to me and began kissing me again.

pk begged to cum like the good little slut that he is and we paused our making out long enough to watch him shoot his cum into the doggie dish. Then she watched fascinated as pk lapped his cum out of the doggie dish from the floor.

pk is a good is a good boy. A lucky boy too. I dare say there aren't too many Dommes out there that bring their subs girls to share.


  1. very hot! but sort of humorous at the same time... Mistress Lilyana introduced them and convinced them to 'tie the knot'. :) red hot though, if i was pk i could just imagine what would be going on in my head while my 'date' and my Mistress enjoyed each other and my submission. sigh...

  2. I love this Mistress Lilyana! Wish i was in PK's shoes...or should i say "ropes"? ;)

  3. I'll pass along your sentiments to pk. He does NOT read my blog. Can you believe it?

    Glad you both thought it was hot. It certainly was one of those surreal things that makes you look back later and ask yourself, was that real or was that just really hot erotica?

    It was SO real and I'm SO looking for to having more hot interludes like this to blog about!

  4. So that may have made me rock hard at work just now.