Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Akasha's chastity training for my brit

My brit has flaked on me twice. The first time I chalked it up to newby nerves and gave him a second chance. The second time, I felt I couldn't take him back no matter how much he begged and pleaded.

And let me tell you, my brit is VERY good at begging.

My brit was considering doing Akasha's training class. This session's theme is "Relentless" and it focuses on chastity. I encouraged him to do the training because I know Akasha and feel like her training would be a safe way for him to engage in submission even without submitting to one Domme in a way that he was officially owned.

He continues to be sincere about wanting to come back to me. Knowing how brutal Akasha's training would be, I made my brit a deal. If he can successfully complete Akasha's chastity training, I will consider taking him back.

Training began Friday. The first lesson instructs "You do not have to put on your chastity device yet, and, in fact, I want you to jerk off 5 times each day for the next two days. But no cumming."

Below is the IM conversation I had with my brit as he was completing his first assignment.
my brit: God I need to cum now
Mistress Lilyana: Hehehe
Mistress Lilyana: You won't cum for a month LOL.
my brit: Really?!
Mistress Lilyana: Um yeah. You're in chastity training. What did you think that meant? LOL.
my brit: Too late to back out now
Mistress Lilyana: Good answer!
my brit: But I am feeling tempted already to cum!
my brit: It's very difficult
my brit: oh dear i've made a big wet spot on my knickers already!
Mistress Lilyana: Hehehe
His  knickers, by the way, are very cute pink bikini panties with black polka dots that tie on the sides with black ribbon.

As the conversation continued, my brit only continued to get worked up much to my delight. I could't help but ask the obvious:
Mistress Lilyana: Will it be worth it?
Mistress Lilyana: Doing all this so that I can torture you again?
my brit:  It will be worth every pang of desire I have to cum, every shade of red I turn as I humiliate myself, and every single last second I spend completing this training

THAT is why my brit is earning another chance with me. :)

THIS is why he amuses me so:
my brit: You;'ll let me cum more than once a month though right?;)

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