Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Resources for budding femdoms

In yesterday's post, "Hope for male subs in vanilla marraiges" I suggested a couple of ways submissive males in vanilla marriages might be able to cultivate the "Domme within" their spouse. If that is successful, she'll need help and guidance or, at the very least, confirmation she's not alone.

I'd like to recommend Akasha's Web for resources for budding femdoms. Akasha has put together a collection of thoughtfully written suggestions and guidelines in the Women Only section of her wesbite. There are others sources, of course. I personally learned a lot from the BDSM Forum on Literotica but there is a lot to weed through to pull out the real gems. I only wish someone had pointed me toward's Akasha's Web!

It is certainly not the only site with good info, but I highly recommend it as a great place for women with domination aspirations to start.

Oh and Akasha's erotica isn't bad either. HOTT and full of great ideas.

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