Sunday, October 11, 2009

FWB with my FMT

If you follow my blog or my tweets, you'll probably know about the saga with my FMT, the only vanilla-ish guy I've dated this year.

The short story is we dated, but not exclusively, broke up after nearly 8 months then decided to be friends. When we saw each other after that, it was clear things between us weren't through. We were unable to keep our hands off each other and although I didn't let things progress, I remembered how incredible our chemistry is and wanted to experience that again. And again.

After some discussion, we decided to be friends with benefits. For those of you not familiar with the term, friends with benefits (FWB) are friends who may a have sexual relationship or near sexual relationship without expecting a more formal or traditional relationship as a goal.

Being FWBs is something I'm very good at. When I know things can't progress beyond enjoying each other's friendship and enjoying each other in bed, I'm able to separate my emotions from everything and simply enjoy what we have.

In the past the FWB arrangement has worked particularly well for me with women. We get to enjoy each other's deliciousness without the trials and tribulations, hopes and fears and other crap that goes along with full fledged relationships.

Being FWBs with my FMT is also a good choice because I can satisfy my carnal needs with someone I know and trust. In my old age I've begun to turn my nose up at casual sex. I never was really a fan anyway.

Last Monday night, we test drove our new FWB relationship. The sex was just as yummy as I remember it being when we were dating and in many ways, I sensed it was even more intimate.

Yes I said it. Intimate. Intimate sex with the guy who has intimacy issues. *eye roll*

I refuse to read into that and will accept things at face value. It was super hot nearly vanilla sex with a guy with which I have great chemistry. And I'll leave it at that and just hope for more.

I guess you could say the saga with my FMT ends here as it is both our intent to ensure our arrangement remains drama free.

Do I believe that? Maybe. Part of me sincerely hopes that it is true. Most of me. It would be beautifully simple if we could pull it off. Why wouldn't I want to keep my FMT as a friend with those yummy benefits while I'm waiting for the boyfriend/sub of my dreams to appear?

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  1. Glad things seem to be working out for you with this situation Mistress :) We all need that wonderful intimacy in our lives!

    sub dano