Monday, June 14, 2010

Sex with a sadist

9 enjoys nibbling. Actually, he enjoys biting, but he knows better than to REALLY bite me.

Still, he gets a bit carried away with it occasionally and provokes an audible response from me. Yes, I can admit it. 9 makes me squeal sometimes.

He seems to enjoy making me squeal. Relishes it. My squeals make him chuckle. My squeals make his cock hard.

I don’t know why this surprises me. I really don’t. I should know better. He's a Dom, I'm a Domme and really, what else makes me hotter than making a sub gasp, moan, squeal or even scream?

No, I’m not submitting to 9. I’m not even bottoming. In fact, we steer clear of D/s play altogether. Or as much as two skilled Dominants can,  I suppose. Even as careful as we are to avoid trying to avoid topping each other, elements of our Dominance seep into our vanilla sex. I chronicled my own in my blog, Using my skills. 9 jokes a lot about topping me but his biting is the first real evidence I’ve noted that indicates there are elements of his Dominance he may be unable to contain while he’s with me.

Like me (probably more so), 9 is hardwired to be sadist; to enjoy someone else's pain, particularly pain he inflicts on others. It’s the fact that he’s enjoying MINE that is surprising to me, I suppose. I’m used to being the one relishing my partner’s reaction to pain.

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