Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smart boys with waxed assholes

Two nights ago I had a conversation with babyboy that reminded me why I enjoy intelligent boys above all else. They are feisty. They are a challenge. And they are never boring.

Below is our IM chat history about the Brazilian I have planned for him.

Me: I wonder if you'll scream when the guy waxes you. Your asshole that is.
babyboy: the guy?
Me: The waxer. He's male.
babyboy: on come on, cant you have a woman do it?
Me: I suppose I could but he comes recommended.
babyboy: so?
Me: He does 10 - 15 male Brazilians a week The guy at the salon I called says he sends all his male Brazilians there. To this one guy.
babyboy: you want me on all 4s, while a guy puts wax on my ass and balls?
Me: Or whatever position he wants you in.
babyboy: youre so bad.
Me: You have no idea.
babyboy: that would be very fucking humiliating...
Me: Oh really? Would it? I had no idea.
babyboy: uh
Me: I can't wait!
Me: His name is Richard
Me: He was very nice over the phone.
babyboy: fucking a're mean ... cruel ... wonderful.

I tell him the name of the salon and where it's located.

babyboy: i know the place... i was staring at the sign, while i was running on the treadmill...
Me: Well there's a guy in there who is going to rip all the hair off your asshole and balls.
Me: I want you to think of 6 questions you can ask him about the procedure or aftercare that you can ask before the procedure.
babyboy: like what?
Me: LOL. It's YOUR assignment baby. You figure it out. I'll want to see them before we go. So you might want to write them down as you think of them.
babyboy: yes Miss, i imagine, youll be watching it.
Me: Of course I will. And listening to you ask 6 questions about it :D
babyboy: lol...
Me: At least I'm not telling you what to ask. However, if I don't find your own questions to be intelligent, I may replace them with my own.
babyboy: im going to be an attorney, i can come up with very benign questions... whats the temp of the wax, will it hurt, how long will it take to grow back, how long does the precedure take, whats your experience level, and whats your name.
Me: LOL. Maybe 10 questions would be better.
babyboy: how long have you lived in vegas, where did you go to beauty school at, do you get paid by the hr or commision, are tips allowed?
Me: LMAO. Damn. YOU are not playing fair.
babyboy: im good at this...
Me: But ok. I'll give you credit. Damn. A challenge. I love it.
babyboy: i can keep going.. come good stuff like that...i have lots of game.
Me: Clearly. What are 3 questions you could ask him that would humiliate you? Without doing so to him.
babyboy: wouldnt you be more suited to think of them? because i can pose questions, which could be humiliating but, really arent.
Me: It's hot when remind me you're intelligent, I must say. I want you so badly at my feet right now
babyboy: lol....thank you.
babyboy: im good at this stuff bread and butter.
Me: 3 questions that would honestly humiliate you and not him.
babyboy: should i cut and paste, what i just wrote...the point is a bit moot. dont you think?
Me: I'm asking you to be honest with me
babyboy: what would you like to you want me on all 4s sir, will you be bleaching my ass, too......if i get hard, will you be mad....
Me: Would that do it for you?
babyboy: my cock did just get alittle semi...

His last proposed question, "If I get hard, will you be mad?" was my favorite because it sounds SO submissive. 

babyboy: what would you do, if that actually happened? if I got hard?
Me: LMAO. What do you think?
babyboy: im sure you would fucking love it.
Me: I would

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  1. Love it. I didn't know the balls and ass can be waxed. That's hot!