Friday, December 30, 2011

What I learned in 2011

2011 was my hottest year yet. Here is what I learned over the past twelve very hot months:
  1. I enjoy watersports. A lot.
  2. I have a shy bladder.
  3. Having a hot guy beg me to pee on him helps my shy bladder.
  4. If a woman promises me she won't fuck a man in my life, I should just assume that she will.
  5. While there is a growing and pervasive feeling in the kink community that male subs are devalued, my appreciation for them has grown.
  6. When I'm with the right guy I can orgasm from a bite, breath, even from a look and a nod.
  7. I love being fisted and I'm not afraid to say it.
  8. I thought I wouldn't like using a gag because I enjoy a subs reactions so much but as it turns out, gags are SO much fun.
  9. I love making someone choke on cock. It doesn't matter if I'm pushing a hot girl's head down on a guy's cock or if I'm face fucking a boy with my strap on, I just love it.
  10. People feel compelled to tell me their dirtiest, nastiest fantasies. And realities.
  11. Nothing cheers me up quite like erotica written just for me by the writer.
  12. Nothing makes me hotter than a sub's reactions to me, including fear and anxiety.
  13. There is something about a boy on his back, holding his thighs up and open for me begging for my cock that makes me smile.
  14. I can do monogamy.
  15. Wearing a man's shirt can be sexier than lingerie. Particularly with a strap-on.
  16. Just about everything is better with rope. Except when it's not.
  17. I should probably not date vanilla guys. 
  18. Top space is an amazing drug.
  19. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with not being in charge all of the time and sometimes really enjoy connecting without D/s.
  20. My instincts in regards to play and reading my sub are better nearly perfect and certainly better than my instincts in most other areas of my life.
  21. Sharing is my favorite thing.

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  1. Ha! After reading your list I think your right, you shouldn't be dating vanilla guys! I love your blog, this is the first time ive been here and your stories are hot, I wish we were neighbors so I could come here these stories first hand!