Sunday, June 7, 2009

Submissive Positions

About a week ago in my favorite FetLife group, Humiliation Nation, I commented on a thread called "How do you humiliate your slave." The OP is an over the phone Dominatrix looking for ideas on humiliation so I responded with some very basic activities including the following:
I have a series of positions, some based on traditional slave positions and commands, that I make a sub memorize. Then I give them the commands and make them assume the positions quickly. If they don't do it right, they are punished. Some of the positions are designed to feminize and are super amusing for me. Message me directly with your email address and I can send them to you if you'd like.
Because I've had quite a few requests for these, I've decided to post them here.

Submissive Positions

The following positions are based on the traditional slave positions used in the BDSM community with a couple of additional positions I particularly enjoy. You should commit these to memory, practice them and be prepared to assume any of these positions upon demand.


INSPECT-- Stand at attention, legs spread a shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind your head, right over left, back slightly arched to accentuates the chest and genitals. Eyes should be lowered with your chin up. In this position you should be fully accessible so that any part may be inspected at close range or touched.

  • Voice Command--Inspect

  • Hand Signal--Clap


PRESENT -- Bend over, spread the cheeks of your ass with your hands exposing your anus to me.

  • Voice Command--Present

  • Hand Signal--Turning motion with fist


INSTRUCT-- Kneel, knees spread, sitting back on your heels, left wrist grasped by right wrist. Eyes should be on me with your chin up.

  • Voice Command--Instruct

  • Hand Signal--Right hand taps right ear twice


WAIT -- Stand, hands behind your back, left wrist grasped by right wrist. Eyes should be lowered with your chin up.

  • Voice Command--Wait

  • Hand Signal--Elbow slightly bent; hand bent back sharply at wrist

WAIT KNEEL -- Kneel, knees spread, sitting back on your heels, left wrist grasped by right wrist. Eyes should be lowered with your chin up.

  • Voice Command--Wait Kneel

  • Hand Signal--Elbow slightly bent; hand bent back sharply at wrist, then a pointing down


CORPORAL-- First assume the WAIT position, though with arms crossed in front. Then lean forward and grabs your ankles bringing your head as close to knees as possible and offering back and buttocks to me.

  • Voice Command--Assume the position.

  • Hand Signal--None

Pretty Feet

PRETTY FEET—Standing with your right leg positioned at 2:00, place the heel of your left foot in the inside arch of the right foot with your knee slightly bent, pelvis forward, shoulders back and your left hand placed gracefully on your hip.

  • Voice Command—Pretty Feet

  • Hand Signal--None

Tippy Toes

TIPPY TOES -- Stand, shoulders back, balancing on the balls of your feet. Eyes should be lowered with your chin down.

  • Voice Command—Tippy Toes

  • Hand Signal--None


  1. Love this Mistress Lilyana! I hope one day a Domme will put me through all of them :)

  2. i had just been wondering about coming up with a photo exammple of the various positions. i was going to talk with my Domme at my next training session about her taking some photos possiblely. But You are already there. However, i think it might be fun so i am still going to ask about it. Thanks for sharing Ma'am,

  3. This may be fun as a play scene from time to time, but I ask, "What purpose does it serve?"

    When you command, you are in charge. Then you must follow up on the command, and so on. At some point you may think, "Oh, the hell with it. Just let the schmuck go do his own thing. This is too much trouble to enforce."

    I am not suggesting that this sort of thing is improper. Just that, it seems a bit tedious.

  4. Actually Susan's Pet, these positions simplify things. I don't have to explain a position, the precise placement of hands, placement of eyes, etc. I just give the command and the sub assumes that position quickly. Simple and easy.

    One of the big reasons I use these though is for erotic humiliation. It's intensely humiliating for a sub to have to memorize these and scramble into these positions upon demand. I've had a boy actually DRIP on my carpet it was so humiliating/ such a turn on for him. Gawd that was hot!

  5. Yes Mistress that is hot. as a slave it is hot for me to jump into the right position as Mistress/Master commands. i get my pleasure from doing things that makes Mistress/Master happy.
    Thank You for such a wonderful blog
    Have a Lovely day

  6. Positions are so hot. You're immobilized by a command from your mistress. Meanwhile, she's right there, relaxing comfortably, exercising the freedom of movement that she's denying you, maybe even exercising it excessively just to tease you. And you could move but you can't. For how long? Nice too if it's a position slightly uncomfortable, so it becomes an endurance test and slightly uncomfortable grows to extremely uncomfortable. Yeah, positions will always be hot.

  7. Viewing these my mistress wife also punishes me if I miss these positions. In fact still I am not familier with the positions so I am hardly being able to follow her commands and I am punished severly everynight. It's hard.

  8. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year, and we have finally reached a place where she is comfortable enough to take on the role of Dominant. Up til now I have been the assertive one, but she is very strong willed and our relationship has been rocky. I have always secretly desired to be dominated, and last week after a long night of sex, she picked up a belt, and started playfully smacking me with it. We both realized at the same time that she enjoyed it. just a couple days ago, I let her bind me up, and take charge. She took me to a place of peace I had never known. This is now becoming a ritual in our relationship, and I have never felt closer to her. Sometimes you have to realize that letting go of your pride and ego, is the only way to progress. Sincerely yours... a newborn submissive.