Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cumboy's icing on the cake

Earlier this week I had cumboy scouring the web for cocks that meet my approval. Once he found one, I would had cumboy stroke his cock up until just before ejaculation while looking at the pic and talking out loud to the cock's owner saying all kinds of naughty things about wanting to suck his cock like a whore and have the guy cum all over his face, etc. I had him do this over and over again. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw my tweets about it.

Cumboy was hard and dripping from the humiliation of looking for cock. To quote cumboy, "This is certainly humiliating but my hard cock does not lie."

Having to edge while pleading with the imaginary cock owner was the icing on the cake.

Well actually there wasn't any icing until today because I didn't let him cum until today. ;)

Today cumboy completed the final phase of the assignment. He was to find another worthy cock on Craigslist, print out a picture of the cock, masturbate on his knees WHILE talking out loud to the cock's owner, cum on the photo of the cock, take a picture of his cum all over the photo of the cock, then email the cock's owner and tell him what he'd done and why.

To the right you'll see the photo of the cock I chose along with the picture cumboy took after he got his nasty slut goo all over the print out of the photo. This is what he sent to the cock's owner along with the message below:
Hello Sir,

My name is cumboy and i am Mistress Lilyana's submissive slut. I want to explain to you why i sent you the photo i have attached. Mistress had asked to find a delicious cock to masturbate to while i talked out loud like a little cocksucker. I told your cock how much i liked to suck it and how much i wanted it to cum in my mouth and on my face like a whore would. She then thought it was only fair that i send the photo to the cocks owner.

I hope this flatters you,

And yes, of course I made cumboy lick his cum off the photo. :)

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