Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tying up your BFFs on a Sunday afternoon

My two BFFs are both beautiful and talented in so many different ways, I can't possible describe them in one blog. They are also open minded and for someone as kinky as I, that's a very good thing.

When Goddess Selena mentioned the NawaYoi Rope Bondage Class and Rope Social, I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to attend. I also mentioned it in passing to one of my BFFs and was somewhat surprised that she also wanted to attend. Then our other BFF jumped onboard and suddenly I was attending a BDSM event with my two vanilla BFFs.

There was some discussion about who wanted to tie up and who wanted to be tied up. They both quickly decided to bottom and I had great fun tying up both of them.

During the social, there were a few little competitions. Thanks my braided wrist to ankle cuffs and the flexibility of one of my BFFs, I was able to execute a hogtie in a matter of seconds and won a cane and some lube - woo hoo! In another challenge, I had to use rope to secure a large dildo (with balls) to her knee winning a rather large dilo (watch out boys!). And my other BFF's soft curves were accentuated most deliciously by the rope as I tied her hands in various positions using a harness as the main securing point.

No, it wasn't nearly as erotic as tying up a boy. I mean, they are my BFFs after all! But being able to practice on them was wonderful. I felt zero pressure to perform and zero discomfort at having to being in rather intimately close proximity. I knew they would give me honest feedback and clearly from the look of delight on their faces, they actually enjoyed being tied up. One of them was particularly fascinated with the imprints the rope left on her skin.

It fun for me to have them step into my little world for an afternoon. Grant it, it's a world that is still very new to me, but it was still nice to be able to share it with them.

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  1. Yeah, the ligature marks rope leaves behind can be sooo hot.

    Willow likes the blood lines that she has for a few days after a suspension. :)

    Thank you soo much for coming out guys, and I hope we see you at the next social in Sept.