Monday, June 22, 2009

Boys in panties

I love boys in panties. Yet I'm not attracted to cross dressers.

Let me explain.

I don't have an issue with cross dressers. Hey, whatever gets you off, I'm ok with, as long as no one else gets hurt. Well, at least not get hurt in a way that they don't enjoy. ;)

Personally, I like men to look like men. The androgenous look isn't my thing.

However, I do enjoy a hot manly man wearing panties for me for a few reasons:

1) The contrast between the hard masculinity and soft feminine panties amuses me.
2) The fact that a man would humiliate himself for my amusement by wearing panties turns me on.
3) An erection just looks damn funny in pretty panties.
4) The fact that a man can get an erection just from wearing panties from me amuses me.

One morning last week, cumboy was headed out to do something manly - take care of car maintenance issues. Inspiration struck and I decided he should do so while wearing panties.

Cumboy is your all American guy. Even in his 30's, he still plays basketball, volleyball and golf regularly. In his professional life, he's a manager. He's very much the alpha male who enjoys drinking beer with the guys and grilling man food. Yet he's very much the submissive male behind closed doors.

I know that cumboy's threshold for erotic humiliation is fairly low. It's fairly easy to make him blush. I knew that this little panty assignment would give him an erection at the very least.

His excitement was evident in the picture he sent me just after slipping on his very first pair. His pronounced erection luridly pushed out the front of his red striped panties.

Cumboy later reported that wearing panties was very humiliating and it made him feel very submissive. Mmmm. Mission accomplished!

My pet wears panties for me regularly when we web cam. He's a triathlete who works out daily and keeps his body in perfect shape. And I have to tell you, even in pink sheer thongs, he is still a very delicious man.

The first few times my pet wore panties for me, his hands trembled with nervousness, yet his cock was hard and dripping.

Hard and dripping is how I like my cocks. If I can achieve this AND be amused, just from having my boys wear panties, I'm pretty sure there is more panty wearing in all their futures.


  1. Great topic... I get great enjoyment from wearing women's panties - particular thongs, that I've borrowed or pinched from women I know.

  2. deff. makes mine hard & drip cause it makes me feel like a good little slut ;)